How to Soundproof a Music Venue

How to Soundproof a Music Venue
December 02, 2021

It takes a lot of hard work to build a live music venue. You got the space, built a stage, purchased a sound system and booked some talented artists, but there’s more to do to ensure your venue impresses audiences. Soundproofing is essential for any music venue. Let’s look at why soundproofing is necessary and how you can make it happen at your club.

The Basics of Soundproofing a Music Venue

Concerts are extremely loud. As much as pumping up the volume can fuel people’s spirits, it can also drive others crazy. As a venue owner, you willhave a few noise challenges to overcome.

Echoes and Reverb

One obstacle is preventing noise from bouncing around your venue. Hard walls and floors give way to reverberation and echoes that distort sound and can cause feedback issues on stage. A performer will sound better and be easier to mix if you dampen and absorb sound inside your venue.

Absorbing and dampening sound is the best way to reduce reverberations in your venue. Place acoustic panels on the parts of your walls that sound hits. The panels will transform the sound energy into heat and absorb it within their fibers. Products like our art acoustic panels will also add beauty and ambience to the space and no one will know they are serving a dual purpose.

How to Soundproof a Music Venue

Sound Containment

Another hurdle is containing sound inside the venue. Noise complaints can lead to a lot of hassle for venue owners, so you’ll need to insulate your space. Keeping the music in will allow your shows to run later into the night without breaking city noise ordinances.

Containing noise is all about creating thick, heavy barriers that are difficult for sound to permeate. You’ll want to build dense walls and buy hefty doors for your venue. Materials like acoustic barriers and soundproofing insulation add layers to block sound. You should also consider door seals and sweeps to fill the cracks that would let sound out.

Structural Noise

Vibrations from loud music can cause structural noise that may disrupt the show. Your stage, lighting system, HVAC pipes and other structures may vibrate from the loud noise. Limiting those vibrations can stop structural noise from interfering with a good concert.

Stopping structural noise involves adding mass and limiting vibrations. Products like mass-loaded vinyl, or MLV, do both, so apply MLV sheets under your stage or pipe wrap on HVAC pipes.

Improve Your Venue’s Acoustics With Soundproof Cow

On top of all this, you need to ensure your venue looks professional. Soundproof Cow can arm you with effective soundproofing materials and help you make the most of them. Schedule a free acoustic evaluation or discuss our soundproofing products online today.


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