Soundproofing a Wall for Axe Throwing

Soundproofing a Wall for Axe Throwing
June 18, 2021

Axe throwing facilities are tons of fun, and more and more people are taking notice. Many locations across the nation are experiencing a boom in popularity, meaning it’s a great time to update your facility and enhance the customer experience.

One of the best areas of improvement to target is axe throwing sound reduction. Axes colliding with targets or floors can produce a lot of noise. Add that contact noise with the constant rumblings of a busy indoor facility filled with customers, and you have a recipe for a lot of sound disruption.

Fortunately, soundproofing tactics and materials can help.

How Can Soundproofing Walls Benefit an Axe Throwing Location?

Axe throwing facilities are profitable because they give customers the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary. You can convert your one-time guests into axe throwing regulars by doing everything you can to facilitate an enjoyable customer experience. Reducing noise levels will allow guests to have fun without being disrupted by jarring sounds. As a result, you can develop a consistent customer base and bring in more revenue.

The Most Effective Soundproofing Methods for Axe Throwing Facilities

If you want to reduce the effects of noise bouncing around your axe throwing facility, there are a few useful tactics you can try. Certain materials have properties that allow them to soak up and disperse sound rather than reflecting it, resulting in a room that feels noticeably quieter.

DIY Soundproofing for Axe Throwing Centers

If you’re looking for budget-friendly noise-reducing solutions, there’s a lot you can do with resources you may already have. Try lining your building’s hard surfaces like walls, floors and ceilings with layers of softer materials like curtains or rugs.

You might also consider covering the floor of the throwing area with mulch. Mulch is soft and easy to pile in thick layers, enabling excellent sound absorption while also softening the noise caused by axes hitting the hard floor.

Professional Soundproofing Materials

DIY methods can work well in a pinch, but for the best results, invest in high-quality soundproofing materials. Professional acoustic solutions are the most effective tools for the job, and they’ll give your facility a distinguished look that’s sure to impress your customers. Some of the most effective soundproofing materials for axe throwing facility walls include:

Find More Soundproofing Solutions With Soundproof Cow

At Soundproof Cow, we develop high-quality soundproofing materials that can produce impressive results for axe throwing facilities. To learn more about soundproofing walls in any setting or receive a free acoustic analysis of your location, contact us today!

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