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Why You Should Soundproof a Wedding Venue

Why You Should Soundproof a Wedding Venue
February 19, 2021

Weddings can be beautiful events that create plenty of cherished memories between happy couples and their loved ones, but they require a lot of planning. As a venue owner, you put in a lot of work to ensure your wedding is enjoyable for any client, but it’s possible to overlook soundproofing considerations until it’s too late.

To make sure your space is conducive to smooth, peaceful events that everyone in attendance can enjoy, incorporate soundproofing methods into your wedding venue.

Balanced Celebration

There’s something for everyone at a wedding. Some guests will want to hit the dance floor in celebration of love, and others will enjoy hanging back at the tables to catch up and share stories. Without proper soundproofing measures, these two equally desirable aspects can clash.

Booming noise will make it difficult to hold comprehensible conversations, so implement noise-reducing tactics to create a happy barrier between the rowdy and reserved segments of your party. This way, your wedding venue will encourage a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Noise Ordinance Compliance

Depending on your venue’s location, it’s essential to consider local noise regulations. It’s difficult to account for a wedding’s exact decibel level before the event, but implementing soundproofing solutions can ensure parties stay at an acceptable level before running into issues with neighbors or authorities.

Soundproofing materials will contain an event’s noise within your venue’s boundaries, freeing guests to enjoy themselves without worrying about noise ordinances.

Soundproofing Solutions for Wedding Venues

It’s necessary to allocate a portion of your budget to soundproofing your venue, so here are a few things to consider when developing your noise-reduction plan:

1. Room Layout

Ask yourself a few questions like “how high are the venue’s ceilings?” and “how long is each room?” or “are the surfaces, like floors and ceilings, particularly hard?”

If your ceiling is high, you may want to find a way to create a lower barrier to prevent sound from escaping to unused space. With hanging acoustic baffles from Soundproof Cow, you’ll contain noise and make it easier to hear people speak.

Similarly, consider ways to close off a long banquet hall. An easy solution is to set up acoustic partitions to create a more compact space. They’re portable and easy to set up, so situate partitions at the end of the dance floor, the back of the seating area, or wherever you need them.

You’ll also want to soften surfaces to prevent distracting sound reverberations. Acoustic foam is easy to install on sound-reflective walls to create a softer, more absorbent space.

2. Sound Equipment

Soundproofing materials can limit excess noise that makes it hard to hear. If your venue uses an amplification system, you can prevent booming, echoes, or pesky feedback by installing absorptive materials.

If your venue doesn’t have a sound system, you should take measures to ensure everyone in the audience can hear the speaker during ceremonies and receptions.

3. Aesthetics

What is your venue’s style or theme? Do your guests intend on using particular decorations? Venue owners should incorporate soundproofing materials that match or complement the decor.

Soundproof Cow will design a personalized Art Acoustic Panel with a design of your choice to provide effective soundproofing while sticking with your venue’s architecture or guest’s theme.

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Ensure every client’s special day is a success by implementing soundproofing considerations into your venue’s design. To learn more about our noise-reducing materials or to get a free quote, contact the Soundproof Cow team today!