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Acoustical Treatments for Entertainment Spaces

Acoustical Treatments for Entertainment Spaces
February 05, 2021

When you think of spaces that need sound treatment, your mind might drift toward concert venues and music studios. But soundproofing can have an enormous impact on a variety of spaces. Anywhere people gather and make noise, there’s a good chance that dampening sound can facilitate a better experience for everyone involved. Sound-absorbing materials will reduce noise levels in any entertainment space, making it easier for customers and guests to chat amongst themselves and communicate effectively with the venue’s staff without shouting.

Soundproobable Entertainment Spaces

Any entertainment venue can benefit from implementing soundproofing strategies. That includes the following spaces:

  • Bowling alleys: Bowling alleys have the best draw when they offer numerous fun activities to entertain their customers, like bars, music stages, private rooms and more. Plus, the sound of falling bowling pins can be loud in and of itself. Isolate the sound coming from each section with sound-absorbing materials to ensure that guests can have a ruckus-free experience — or confine the ruckus to a designated area.
  • Movie theaters: With soundproofing materials like acoustic panels, insulation and drapes installed throughout, movie theaters can enhance the sound of any film and make the experience more enjoyable for moviegoers. These products will also help to prevent sound from one film from bleeding into a showing for another.
  • Arcades: Video game tournaments — as well as everyday arcade activity — can be loud when the stakes are high and high scores are beaten. Backed by sound-absorbing materials, arcades are free to make as much noise as they when tournaments run late. Installing noise-dampening products into old game cabinets can help cut down on those jarring clunks and bangs, too.
  • Casinos: Casinos and other large convention centers are beginning to see just how useful soundproofing can be. Sound-tight, padded rooms help casinos operate in accordance with local sound codes and provide increased insulation. Lining casinos with sound-absorbing fabrics will help you ensure that what happens in the casino stays in the casino, and less noise will make guests feel more comfortable their entire visit.

Soundproofing Solutions for Entertainment Venues

At Soundproof Cow, we carry soundproofing solutions that will reduce noise levels in any space. Consider some of our most effective products, such as:

  • Acoustic panels: Install perforated wood, compressed wool or foam acoustic panels on any wall to catch and absorb sound, preventing reverberation throughout the room. We’ll also print any design on our Art Acoustic Panels.
  • Quiet Batt™ insulation: Line your walls with insulation sheets and supports to absorb sound from shaking rafters or noisy neighbors. Quiet Batt™ can help to increase your building’s energy efficiency, too.
  • isoTRAX™: These products combine sound-isolating rails, pads and screws into one all-encompassing soundproofing system. Install them in your walls or ceiling to keep sound in and absorb transfer noise coming from outside.

Soundproof Your Space Today

At Soundproof Cow, we’re committed to providing affordable soundproofing solutions to any property. For more information on how installing sound-absorbing materials can benefit your entertainment space, office building or home studio, contact our team today!