Tips to Reduce Construction Site Noise & Prevent Damage

Tips to Reduce Construction Site Noise & Prevent Damage
December 02, 2021

Construction sites are loud, and exposure to extreme noise can cause occupational hearing loss. You can make personal ear protection more effective by soundproofing your construction site. Different sound-absorbing, dampening and insulating materials address noise in unique ways, and it’s essential to understand which is best for your situation. Let’s go over some tips for soundproofing your job site.

Top 3 Tips for Soundproofing a Construction Site

Here’s what you should know before you purchase soundproofing materials for your business.

1. Know What You’re Going After

Soundproofing requires forethought and recognition of the most pressing issues. Determine the sources causing the most noise at work and how they reach your workers:

  • Loud equipment: Most jackhammers, chop saws, hammer drills and similar equipment peak over 100 decibels. Hard surfaces exacerbate the noise these tools make, which means absorption is the best way to reduce the volume. Sound-absorbing materials transform sound into heat, which dissipates upon contacting the absorptive surface.
  • Structural noise: Some equipment causes a building’s infrastructure to shake vibrate, causing excessive noise. Nearby steel beams or metal pipes will rattle around, too. Sound dampening prevents structures from moving around.
  • Leaking noise: Sound equipment can be loud enough to cause damage to workers outside of the immediate room. Sound insulation contains noise to a specific area. Insulation can come in handy if you can keep loud equipment in an isolated room or build a containment structure.

2. Get the Right Gear

If you know what kind of sound you need to target, the next step is to get the right gear for the job. Professional soundproofing equipment is your best bet, as it has the necessary properties for absorption, dampening or insulation. Here are some of the most useful soundproofing tools for construction crews:

3. Go Reusable

Your crew works on numerous different job sites throughout the year. It’s a plus if the soundproofing equipment you choose can come with you to the next place. Products like temporary soundproofing barriers are easy to install and tear down.

Soundproof Your Job Site With Soundproof Cow

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