How to Reduce Excavator Cabin Noise

Excavator Cabin Noise
February 01, 2021

Are you a crew leader looking to protect the health and safety of your employees? Excavation equipment produces incredibly high noise levels, and without necessary precautions, your workers could suffer prolonged hearing damage. Incorporate soundproofing equipment into your workflow to create a safe and productive working environment for your staff. At Soundproof Cow, we develop effective soundproofing materials strong enough to limit noise in most industrial settings. 

Why It’s Important to Minimize Cabin Noise

Exposure to high frequencies is dangerous. Over time, prolonged exposure to high noise levels can cause significant, irreversible hearing damage.

Our ears contain microscopic hair-like cells called cochlea. When sound enters the ear canal and passes through the eardrum, it reaches the cochlea deep inside the ear. Sound waves cause these hairs to vibrate, but like any material, heavy use causes them to wear down. Eventually, the cochlea will become fatigued and flatten like blades of grass under a parked car’s tires. As exposure to intense noise levels continues, the damage becomes more permanent. 

Equipment such as road rollers, bulldozers and cranes produce noise levels ranging between 90 and 100 decibels, though sometimes more. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates employee noise exposure to ensure their health and safety in both the immediate and distant future. For example, OSHA requires all employers to have a hearing conservation program for any noise levels above 85 decibels averaged over eight working hours. 

Falling out of compliance can cause harm to your crew and result in a costly OSHA violation. Ensure your crew’s health and avoid expensive fines by incorporating soundproofing solutions into your workflow. 

How to Soundproof Your Excavator Cabin

Soundproofing your excavator cabins is a great way to ensure your employees’ well-being on the job. There are various noise reduction techniques businesses can easily implement without breaking the bank. At Soundproof Cow, we have several tips to reduce excavator cabin noise:

  • Cover the floors: While the hard flooring inside an excavator cabin is likely to leak some airborne soundwaves, it is also susceptible to contact noise from heavy vibrations. To combat both types, install soundproof flooring such as our Impact Barrier QT Flooring Underlayment in an excavator cabin. 
  • Dampen the windows: Windows are likely to leak air and sound. As an effective remedy, seal windows with acoustical sealantto reduce the noise that seeps through. 
  • Line walls and ceilings: Like windows, walls and ceilings are susceptible to leaks, causing airborne noise to seep into the cabin. Hard metal walls and ceilings are also likely to transmit contact noise, so installing acoustic foam panels along all surfaces can limit vibrations and absorb sound. 

Contact Soundproof Cow for Help Reducing Excavator Cabin Noise

At Soundproof Cow, we’re committed to providing residential and commercial customers with the products and information they need to implement the most effective soundproofing solutions. To learn more about our industrial-quality soundproofing material, contact the Cow today!