How to Protect Hearing While Operating Trucks

How to Protect Hearing While Operating Trucks
December 11, 2020

One risk that truck drivers can face is hearing damage due to excessive noise. There are two main sources where excessive noise can originate from — the engine and the road.

Typically, some engine noise is to be expected. But sometimes the truck’s engine can be excessively loud. When this happens, you won’t be able to escape the sound and you’ll have to hear it the entire time you’re operating the truck. Road noise can come from a variety of sources — from honking cars in traffic to nearby construction. These kinds of environmental sounds can vary in intensity and duration.

What Are the Risks of Excessive Noise Exposure When Operating Trucks?

Prolonged exposure to excessive sounds coming from the truck itself or the environment can lead to hearing impairment or permanent hearing loss. Usually, this occurs when the frequency of the noise is around 4000 Hz. Even something as simple as driving with the window down and being exposed to excessive sounds and carbon monoxide can lead to hearing loss.

Once hearing loss or damage occurs, the effects can be irreversible, especially if the inner ear’s nerve endings have been damaged. Not being able to hear puts the driver at risk for a variety of potential accidents. Not being able to hear cars honking or sirens blaring puts the truck driver in a vulnerable position.

Soundproofing Solutions for Truck Drivers to Prevent Hearing Loss

Some truck drivers attempt to protect their hearing while operating trucks by wearing earplugs, earmuffs or headphones, but that can still put the driver at risk because warning sounds will be muffled or inaudible.

A better solution for hearing protection while driving is installing automobile soundproofing solutions in the truck. Soundproofing solutions will dampen and reduce the sounds coming from the truck and any nearby noisy environments.

When deciding on the best soundproofing solution, you do want to keep in mind the climate, the sound system power level and the size of the truck. These factors will influence which solution you’ll need and which is the most effective.

Here at Soundproof Cow, we have a variety of soundproofing solutions such as our easy-to-install dampening mats and sound-absorbing insulation. Choose from lots of effective solutions designed to protect your hearing, including our:

You’ll also be able to choose from various sizes and quantities based on your specific needs. They can be installed anywhere, from under the carpet to inside the truck, to dampen the sounds.

Improve the Sound Quality in Your Truck and Protect Your Hearing With Soundproof Cow

At Soundproof Cow, we want you to enjoy your ride and stay safe while operating your truck. All of our soundproofing products are fabricated using the highest-quality materials, and we have abundant experience soundproofing a variety of environments, so call on our expertise anytime.

Contact us today if you have any questions or you’d like to set up a free acoustic analysis so you can start enjoying a quieter commute.


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