Home Renovation Projects for 2024: Soundproofing Your Home

February 02, 2024
home renovation projects - soundproofing

Most home renovations can be significant undertakings that require a lot of planning, time and effort. But soundproofing is a relatively simple project that benefits both the performance and appeal of your home. Soundproofing homes has been on the rise in recent years as more people want to create peaceful, quiet spaces. Whether it’s blocking […]

How to Find Sound Leaks

January 23, 2024
How to Find Sound Leaks

Soundproofing your home does more than create a peaceful and private environment — installing acoustic insulation materials can actually boost property value and even improve energy efficiency. These materials help make your home more peaceful while offering insulation, meaning you’ll spend less on energy bills and enjoy a far more tranquil environment. Residential soundproofing comes with […]

How to Soundproof a Kid’s Playroom 

January 19, 2024
How to Soundproof a Kid's Playroom

Kids love having a dedicated place to play — and parents love it too. With a playroom in your home, you can keep all of your little ones’ toys in one space where they can have fun while you keep the rest of the home clutter-free. As convenient as a dedicated playroom can be, most […]

Ways to Reduce Noise in Open-Plan Houses

January 05, 2024
Ways to Reduce Noise in Open-Plan Houses

Open floor plans create a sense of architectural connectivity while helping those inhabiting it feel more connected. Wherever you sit or stand in an open room, you’ll have a direct line of sight and communication with others inside. As advantageous as open floor plans can be, they also present some acoustic challenges. In this post, […]

How to Soundproof a Drum Room

January 03, 2024
How to Soundproof a Drum Room

As you play your drums, the room around you fills with energy — and not just the kind that makes people want to get up and dance. Noise travels around your drum room in energy-charged waves that bounce off your floors, walls, ceilings, and doors until they run out of energy. Excess soundwaves can muddle your playing and disturb […]

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