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Mechanical Room Soundproofing

What Is Mechanical Room Soundproofing?

A mechanical room is an enclosure for equipment like furnaces, computer servers or HVAC equipment. The equipment in these rooms can be noisy, which is part of why you dedicate space to them in the first place. However, your mechanical room may still leak noise into the rest of your building. Mechanical room soundproofing solutions contain noise to the source so the people inhabiting your building can work in peace.

To soundproof your mechanical room, apply materials and techniques that prevent sound transmission. You can find a wide range of noise-blocking materials through Soundproof Cow.

What Can Mechanical Room Soundproofing Do for You?

Excessive noise from your mechanical room can cause issues for the people inside your building. At its most harmless, unwanted noise is distracting. Soundproofing your mechanical room will help your staff focus, resulting in increased productivity.

However, mechanical noise can do more than distract your employees. If the sound level is too high, it may disrupt communication, leading to avoidable mistakes. Noise can also prevent workers from noticing hazards around them. Soundproof your mechanical room to keep everyone on the same page and support worker safety.

How to Soundproof a Mechanical Room

Soundproofing a mechanical room is possible with the right tools and techniques. You can work with Soundproof Cow to install materials that prevent noise from escaping your equipment enclosure.

There are a few ways to prevent noise transmission. Start by sealing any and all cracks to the best of your ability. Noise will escape under and around your mechanical room's doors, so fill the space with door seals or sweeps.

Next, isolate the surfaces that sound attempts to pass through. Noise may transmit through your mechanical room's walls, but adding a second wall will reduce transmission. This process, called wall decoupling, will prevent transmission while reducing vibrations, too.

While you decouple the walls, you can also add mass to increase the wall's density. With greater mass, a wall will more effectively contain noise. Build your new wall with thick materials that prevent sound from escaping.

Discover materials and techniques that help your enclosure room contain the noise that loud machinery produces.

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Mechanical Room Soundproofing Products

  • Top MOOver! isoTrax Soundproofing System with an isolation rail, isolation screws and isolation pads

    isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System

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    Quiet Barrier™ MD Soundproofing Composite

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Mechanical Room Sound Absorption Products

Top Materials for Soundproofing Mechanical Rooms

Using the following materials in your mechanical room will improve its ability to retain the noise that machines produce:

  • isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System: Isolate sound by installing drywall to a padded hat channel rather than directly onto the studs.
  • Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite: Add mass to block high-frequency noise while increasing the wall’s absorbent properties for low- and mid-frequency sound.
  • Quiet Barrier™ HD Soundproofing Material (Roll): Block and reflect noise with flexible sheets that install onto the walls.
  • Echo Absorber™ Acoustic Cotton: Cover the walls with absorbent acoustic cotton that soaks up noise before it can escape the room.

Soundproof Your Mechanical Room With Soundproof Cow

At Soundproof Cow, we have a wide range of soundproofing products for any room, plus experts to help you find the exact products you need and teach you how to use them. Contact us with any questions about installing our products or which ones will work best for your application.




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