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Resilmount Purlin Bracket

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If you want the maximum airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration reduction when you’re applying ceiling soundproofing, you need the proper mounting brackets. You’ll find those brackets at Soundproof Cow. Our Resilmount™ Purlin Brackets are just what you’re seeking for your soundproof ceiling mounting.

These patented purlin brackets are specifically engineered acoustic brackets for furring channels that are suspended below purlins or trusses. They’re suitable for 7/8” or 1 ½” furring channels, 48″ of spacing on a furring channel, with spacing between channels not in excess of 24”, and 1” distance between the center of the washer and the fixing face.

These brackets come with 3/16” slotted holes. We can supply you with brackets with a range of hole sizes to fit your particular fasteners. When installed, these brackets have as much as a 55-pound load capacity. Our Resilmount™ Purlin Bracket is manufactured under the strict ISO 9001 quality standard, so you can be sure you’re installing a reliable product.

Installing these Resilmount™ Purlin Brackets is simple. Just fasten with a #8 screw or masonry sleeve. Make sure the gap between walls is no greater than 7″.

There are a number of soundproofing benefits to using our Resilmount™ Purlin Bracket as part of your overall soundproofing solution. They can improve the STC (Sound Transmission Class) of your structure by seven points or more. The solid design effectively helps protect the structure against vibratory impact sound transfer. Furthermore, the thermoplastic rubber has terrific sound absorption properties.

We offer a range of Resilmount™ channel mounting/bracket options, including:

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Coverage 48″ maximum spacing on furring channel, spacing between furring channels should not exceed 24″
Distance 1″ (between fixing face and center of washer)
Load Capacity 55 lbs.
Availability Usually ships in 7-10 business days
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Resilmount™ Purlin Brackets are engineered, patented acoustic resilient mounting brackets for furring channels being suspended below purlins or trusses, for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in ceiling applications.

Product Availability

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Features / Benefits

  • Improves STC of structure by at least 7 points
  • Sound cell design guards structure against vibration transfer
  • Thermoplastic rubber absorbs sound
  • Adaptable to most applications
  • Manufactured under ISO9001 Quality Control System
  • Provided with 3/16″ slotted holes for adjustability
  • Provided with a variety of holes sizes for different fasteners

Made in the USA

Basic Rules

  • Use with 7/8″ or 1 1/2″ furring channel
  • Fasten with #8 screw or masonry sleeve
  • Maximum gap between walls is 7″
  • Spacing is 48″ maximum
  • 55 lbs. capacity
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