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How to Determine the STC Rating of a Wall

May 04, 2018

After suffering through unwanted sounds and reverberation for quite some time, you finally decide to soundproof your room to minimize noise and echo production. You might have dealt with noisy neighbors, unwanted traffic sounds, or even general noise pollution before installing your soundproofing material. But now, all you hear is the blissful sound of silence. Even though the drastic change in sound quality might seem like magic, it boils down to knowing what materials to invest in based on factors such as the STC rating of your walls.

Choosing the right noise and reverberation materials for your home, apartment or business is a science.  In order to achieve the maximum level of performance from your soundproofing materials, it is essential first to know the specifics of the area they will be encasing, starting with the STC ratings of your walls.

What Is an STC Rating?

The STC rating for walls refers to the “sound transmission class” of your foundation. Not all walls are the same, especially in terms of composition and material. That’s where the STC rating comes into play.

STC ratings provide valuable information for homeowners by offering them better insight into the soundproofing quality of their surroundings. This score allows you to know to what degree your wall reduces airborne noise and sound.

Factors in Calculating STC Rating of a Wall

No two walls are quite the same. Perhaps your walls are extremely thin to the point where you can hear your neighbors’ every cough and sneeze. On the contrary, you may experience walls that layer you in a protective barrier of soundproofing quality that guards outside noise from leaking in and internal noise against seeping out. Whether your room boasts theater-level sound production or offers barely any protection at all, it’s important to know your wall’s STC rating nevertheless.

If you’re wondering how to measure the STC rating of a wall to choose the proper layer of insulation, you must first determine the foundation of your surroundings. Does your wall have a resilient channel? How thick is your drywall or concrete? What type of studs are apparent on your wall and how far apart is their spacing? All of the factors mentioned above contribute to your walls’ STC rating.

Choosing the Best Soundproofing Materials for Your Space

The curve of your wall will determine which frequency sounds it absorbs or deflects best. It’s important to understand the STC rating of your walls before soundproofing your room to find the soundproofing accessories that best match your interior specs.
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