The Benefits of White Noise

white noise benefits
April 21, 2017

You may have heard about the benefits of white noise for a variety of situations. White noise benefits have been highly praised by health professionals as a way to reduce anxiety, increase focus and generally promote well-being.

If you’ve been curious about white noise, here’s a breakdown of what white noise is and some of the areas where it can be extremely useful.

What Is White Noise?

First, it’s important to understand white noise and why it’s so much more calming than other kinds of noise. Essentially, the sounds you hear every day are on all kinds of different frequencies, mingling and bouncing against each other and putting stress on your ear as your auditory system tries to process them all.

White noise generators create sound at all frequencies at once, the way white light represents all frequencies of light. While there are some variations on white noise, this is the general idea. Essentially, white noise-type machines create a blanket of sound that lays over the existing sounds, creating a calming, consistent, focused sound that’s pleasing to the ear and can cover other, less pleasant sounds.

White Noise Benefits for Sleeping

One of the most popular uses of white noise is for sleeping. White noise is effective for sleeping for a number of reasons. For starters, it literally distracts the brain. A completely quiet room may cause the potential listener to stay alert, listening for any trace of sound. The sound of white noise gives the mind something to focus on without the distraction of music or words.

It also helps prevent sudden noises during the night from surprising and waking the sleeper. When you are able to get good, uninterrupted sleep for seven to eight hours, your body will be better rested and you’ll notice an improvement in your health and daily functioning.

White Noise Advantages for Babies

People have long known the benefits of white noise for babies. For decades, weary parents have been taking infants for car rides or putting them on top of active washing machines, hoping the sound and vibration will lull them to sleep. White noise helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep by providing a comforting noise and masking the many sounds that can startle and wake a baby.

White Noise Benefits for Offices

White noise can actually improve concentration in the workplace. With regular white noise pumped in, workers are not tempted to talk or make their own noise to fill the quiet, and they can also more easily ignore sounds like other people’s phone calls or the hum of computer equipment. White noise can be a better alternative than music, as even music without lyrics has more of a potential to distract workers than white noise.

White Noise Advantages for Travel

Bringing a white noise machine on the road can be a great way to reduce travel stress. People who find it impossible to sleep on a plane may have a totally different experience with a white noise machine, which can drown out plane engine sounds, crying babies and noisy, chattering passengers.

Once you arrive at your destination, soothing white noise can also help you get acclimated to, and fall asleep in, a strange hotel room. And, of course, white noise can help soothe a crying baby — often a big issue with young parents going on trips.

Benefits of white noise

White Noise Health Benefits

Along with helping to create a calm environment and enhance focus, white noise also offers several health benefits. It can be especially helpful in a hospital or intensive care unit room. Constant beeping, nurses talking or doctors opening and closing doors can disrupt sleep and negatively impact healing and recovery. A white noise machine can help block some of those sounds, allowing patients to rest and recover.

White noise can also help with:

  • ADHD: Those with ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder) have a hard time concentrating and paying attention. External sounds can be a big distraction, causing those with ADHD to be less attentive and have trouble concentrating. A white noise machine can help block out the distracting sounds and create an environment where it’s easier to function and focus.
  • Mental clarity: Because white noise machines create a distraction-free environment, you’ll experience greater mental clarity when using one. As a result, white noise helps with meditation and boosting both your mental calmness as well.
  • Tinnitus: Tinnitus, which is a buzzing or ringing sound in the ear, can be difficult to manage, especially at night when everything is quieter. Having a white noise machine running in the background can help blend and mask those sounds, allowing you to relax easier and sleep better at night.

Learn More About How White Noise for Soundproofing Can Help You

If you’re interested in learning more about how sound can affect your daily life and how it can be controlled to your benefit, visit the Soundproof Cow blog today for news and information related to noise and soundproofing issues.

Browse Premier Soundproofing Solutions From Soundproof Cow

While there are many benefits from using a white noise machine, if you are dealing with excessively loud sounds you may need to install soundproofing materials in your home or office. Here at Soundproof Cow, we carry soundproofing, noise reduction and sound absorption materials to help you experience peace and quiet in any space. We carry top brands like Quiet Batt™ and Udderly Quiet™ as well as:

  • Acoustic panels: Our acoustic panels will help absorb sound waves and limit reverberation in your space. Choose from our art, fabric wrapped or perforated acoustic wood panels to add plenty of function and style.
  • Soundproofing materials: From door seals and sweeps to flooring underlayments, we have all the soundproofing materials you need to prevent the transmission of sound and add privacy in a room.
  • Sound absorption: To help improve the sound quality and reduce background noise, we carry a wide range of noise-absorbing materials such as our acoustic foam, acoustic partitions and hanging baffles.

All of our sound solutions are made from the highest-quality materials, and we’ll work closely with you throughout the entire process to tailor the solution to your specific needs. Many of our panels and materials can even be configured and customized based on your style and space. With our solutions-based approach, we’ll help you get rid of those unwanted sounds that a white noise machine can’t conceal.

To get started, give us a call at 866-949-9269 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.


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