How to Soundproof Stairs

How to Soundproof Stairs
August 10, 2021

Multi-story homes rely on staircases. Everyone with stairs knows what a crucial role they play and how much use they receive. But as a property owner with a staircase, you’re familiar with their other common characteristic. Staircases can be loud, causing distractions whenever you use them.

This fact of life could lead you to want to know how to soundproof a stairwell. Soundproofing stairs is an excellent way to make your building quieter and more comfortable, even when people run up and down the stairs all day. In this article, we’ll show you how to make stairs quieter so you can avoid the distracting sounds of a creaking, echoing staircase.

Reasons to Soundproof Your Stairs

It’s always a good idea to soundproof your stairs, whether you own an apartment building with several tenants or a home where you want to enjoy some more peace with your family. Here are some reasons soundproofing stairs is a wise idea for you.

  • Avoid future issues: Various reasons can lead to noisy stairs. And usually, these contributing factors take a while to grow to an annoying level. What may seem like a small, quiet sound at first can become an unbearable nuisance in your daily life. Noisy stairs can also be a sign of a lack of structural integrity, so you should be sure to address the issue as soon as you can.
  • Follow regulations: Apartment complexes and multi-family residences must follow building regulations to limit sound transfer between units. Adhering to these regulations ensures each tenant can live their lives without unnecessary noises traveling between walls and infringing on their quality of life. Soundproofing the stairs of the buildings you own will ensure you avoid fines and that your tenants stay happy.
  • Enjoy a more peaceful living situation: A loud staircase tends to disrupt daily life. Whether you’re trying to read, work or get some rest after a long day, hearing creaks and steps from your staircase can cause quite a disruption. Knowing how to soundproof stairs can help you feel more comfortable and peaceful in your home.

Ways to Soundproof Your Stairs

Ways to Soundproof Your Stairs

Now that you understand some of the reasons you should soundproof your stairs, you need to know how to get the job done. Here are four ways you can enjoy a quieter staircase in your home, business or apartment building.

1. Use an Acoustic Underlay

Various flooring underlayment products can help reduce the noises you hear from your staircase, whether you’re above or below it. Acoustic underlay provides a layer of vibration and sound-absorbing padding in the floor. This layer can reduce the sound you hear from your staircase and is especially helpful in soundproofing stair treads as people walk on them.

Using an acoustic underlay may require some work to install, but the degree of difficulty varies depending on the project’s scale. The results of having a quieter staircase will be worth the effort. If your office is below a staircase or the sound of shoes on stair treads drives you crazy, acoustic underlay can help reduce the sound to give you a quieter experience in your building.

2. Seal Holes and Gaps With Noiseproofing Sealant

Soundwaves are sneaky little things. They can travel through even the tiniest crack in a structure or wall, causing people on the other side to hear whatever is making the noise. The same fact applies to your staircase. Holes or gaps in your staircase could be letting sound through, leading to louder noises echoing through your home and more distractions reaching your ears.

Holes in your staircase could be a sign that it’s time to make repairs. One of the first actions you could take is filling these holes and gaps with a noise-proofing sealant or another insulating material. Filling these gaps will isolate sounds from the staircase from traveling to other parts of your home, business or apartment complex.

3. Soundproof the Staircase Walls

Your stairwell’s walls play a critical role in the level of sound that comes from your staircase. Since your staircase walls contact the stair treads and other parts of the staircase, vibrations from every step can travel through the walls and into other areas of the building. Take even more control of your staircase’s noise level by soundproofing its walls.

The first way you can soundproof your staircase walls is with Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound. Use this glue between layers of drywall to take your staircase’s soundproofing to the next level. Green Glue absorbs the vibrations between the layers so less sound can travel between rooms. With the consistency of ketchup and easy application, Green Glue makes soundproofing easy. Apply it directly over your existing wall to get fast soundproofing benefits.

Another method for soundproofing your stairwell’s walls is by using Quiet Batt™ Soundproofing Insulation within the walls themselves. Think of Quiet Batt™ as a beefed-up version of the pink insulation you’re familiar with. When doing a new construction project or making renovations, add Quiet Batt™ between the studs of your stairway walls to get all the benefits of pink insulation — and then some. You’ll enjoy better climate control and excellent sound absorption as a result.

4. Add Acoustic Panels

Sound-insulating acoustic panels are the answer when you can’t take more invasive sound-absorbing measures. Acoustic panels are attractive pieces of fabric, foam or perforated wood that are perfect for absorbing sound in your stairway. Hang them in the following locations to enjoy their sound-dampening effects:

  • Your stairway walls
  • The ceiling above the stairs
  • At the entrance or exit of the stairwell

Consider adding acoustic panels to your stairwell in addition to some of the other soundproofing methods mentioned above. Take these actions to enjoy a quieter staircase, leading to a more peaceful home, workplace or apartment building.

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