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Tips for Soundproofing a Bathroom

Tips for Soundproof a Bathroom
September 18, 2020

The bathroom is an intimate space. A lot gets done within those four walls, most of which you wouldn’t want prying ears to hear. Soundproofing ensures that what happens in the loo, stays in the loo — and that’s no bull.

Whether you run a business with an inconveniently placed public restroom or you’re a homeowner who wants to maintain the sanctity of your bathroom, soundproofing is essential. Flushing toilets, songs mooed out in the shower and other bathroom noises aren’t meant for broadcasting.

Unfortunately, most modern construction techniques don’t really address insulating this space. If you’re ready to take matters into your own hooves, here are some tips on how to soundproof a bathroom so that every embarrassing noise stays where it ought to.

1. Look for Simple Solutions

Soundproofing your bathroom doesn’t have to mean turning this tiny room into a sound vortex that eliminates even a whisper of a noise. In most cases, all you’ll need are some materials to absorb or break up sound waves and keep your bathroom from transmitting them to the outside world. A variety of items can fit into your bathroom setup to help with this job, including:

  • Plush towels folded on shelves against the walls
  • Thick rugs
  • A hanging laundry hamper
  • Door storage units

If these small measures don’t impact your bathroom noise situation, it’s time to look for some more sophisticated solutions.

2. Block Bathroom Walls

When it comes to letting unwanted sounds out, bathroom walls are usually the biggest culprit. If your walls aren’t up to snuff on the soundproofing front, you’ll be happy to know that a few simple solutions can help. For example, acoustic panels can be hung almost anywhere to dampen or even deaden sounds produced in your bathroom. If you need a more effective soundproofing solution, soundproofing composite is an acoustic-grade, polyurethane foam that will fit the bill. This material will provide a quiet barrier between your bathroom and the outside world.

3. Keep Every Peep Behind Closed Doors

Even if your bathroom has decent insulation and keeps sounds inside, your door may be betraying your noisy secrets. Most interior doors are hollow and bad at absorbing noises. Fortunately, acoustic door panels can be attached to your door, adding to its soundproofing powers.

The gap at the bottom of the door may also be to blame for letting sounds escape. If you think that’s the case, consider door sweeps, which will create a snug and secure seal.

4. Wrap up Those Noisy Pipes

Sometimes it’s not the humans creating a hullabaloo in the bathroom. If your pipes are making a racket every time they’re in use, rest assured that you can give your whole house some peace and quiet. Our pipe soundproofing wrap blocks noises, and the foam even reduces vibration caused by water rushing through pipes.

Learn Mooooore About Soundproofing Your Bathroom With Soundproof Cow

Whether your goal is to muffle private bathroom noises or create a soundproof studio for your shower songs, Soundproof Cow can help. We’re experts at making the complicated science of soundproofing accessible for your everyday needs. Contact us today to find out how we can turn your bathroom into a sacred, noise-free zone.