Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap

Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap

Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap will significantly reduce noise emitted from waste water and drainage pipes. Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is an industrial grade barrier / foam composite manufactured using a 1/2 lb., high density sound barrier membrane, laminated to ¼ in. acoustic grade polyurethane foam with a “peel and place” adhesive backing. The Barrier layer blocks sounds commonly emitted from water running through pipes. The foam tackles the pipe noise two different ways. First, the foam isolates the barrier layer, which improves the noise blocking performance of the barrier layer. Second, the adhesive backed foam reduces vibration caused by the water running through the pipes. Reducing water pipe vibration will decrease the perceived noise. Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is easy to install and will work on any size PVC or cast iron waste water pipes. Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap also quiets noisy air ducts common in HVAC applications. This product is effective to temperatures up to 140° F and carries a flammability rating of UL 94 HF-1.


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3 in. x 8 ft.
Thickness 5/16 in.
Coverage See chart below
Quantity 1 roll
Availability Usually Ships in 1-3 business days

Stop Unwanted Noise With Pipe Insulation

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One of the most challenging parts of a home or business to soundproof are the pipes. Even if you fully soundproof all of your walls, ceilings and floors, if you have noisy pipes, you’re not fully soundproofed. Pipe noise insulation is a crucial element of complete soundproofing. You can fill the area around the pipes with sound absorbing material, but unless you soundproof the water pipes themselves with a pipe soundproofing wrap, you are still going to hear the noise of water sloshing around.

Fortunately, Soundproof Cow has the perfect solution in the form of Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap. This acoustic pipe insulation product is suitable for use anytime you need to soundproof your pipes. The best time to wrap pipes for soundproofing is during construction when you have full access to the pipes.

If you are trying to soundproof plumbing pipes in an already-built house, however, our Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is still quite effective. You can just wrap it around any exposed cast iron, copper or PVC pipes to dampen and block unwanted pipe noise.

What is Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap

We think that Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is the absolute best way to rid yourself of the clanking and sloshing sounds of active pipes. It consists of an industrial-grade barrier/foam composite made of a 1/2-pound, high-density sound barrier membrane laminated with a quarter-inch of acoustic-grade polyurethane foam. It is effective even in extreme heat conditions, as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a flammability rating of UL 94 HF-1.

Benefits of Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap

Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is so effective at pipe noise insulation because it is designed to tackle exactly the kinds of sounds that water rushing through pipes tends to make. Most of the irritating pipe noise you hear is impact noise — vibration-related noise from the water rattling those metal pipes as it flows through your home. While the sound barrier of Quiet Wrap™ blocks standard noise, the polyurethane foam tackles that troublesome vibrational noise, deadening impact sounds while it isolates the pipe and the barrier.

Using Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap

This pipe soundproofing wrap could not be easier to use. Just cut it to the desired length, peel off the adhesive backing, wrap it around your pipe and simply stick it in place. The sound relief will begin immediately. This product is also suitable for quieting HVAC air ducts. Use this pipe noise insulation product on older cast iron pipes, modern PVC pipes and most types of pipes in between.

Order Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap today and we can ship it to you fast so you can put an end to those troublesome pipe sounds. Whether you are trying to quiet sounds keeping you up at night in your home or trying to reduce sound in a noisy factory, Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is a great solution.

Pipe Wrap Product Availability


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This product is no longer available in the State of California. Please contact us for approved solutions. 1-844-852-5963

Engineered to Soundproof Pipes — Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap was created by our Acoustic Professionals to reduce the noise caused by waste water and drainage pipes. The barrier layer blocks sound and the acoustic foam layer dampens sound energy. The result is much quieter water pipes.

Ease of installation — Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap has a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) for an easy “peel and place” application. Basic hand tools and a limited amount of construction “know how” are all that is needed to install this product. Installation time and labor costs are low.

Not Just for Water Pipes — Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is also very effective at reducing noise from heating and air conditioning (HVAC) air ducts. The same principles apply whether reducing noisy water pipes or noisy ventilation ducting; block the sound and reduce vibration to quiet noisy air ducts.

Low Profile — The total thickness of Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is approximately 5/16 in. and it will easily fit in locations where space is limited.

In-stock — We stock large quantities of Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap. Most products are shipped the same day they are ordered and arrive at your project in one to three business days.

Flammability — Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap contains polyurethane foam that has a flammability rating of UL94 HF-1. Before choosing this product, be sure the flammability rating passes your local building code for exposed materials.

Made in the USA



  • AC Condenser Drainage Pipes
  • Cast Iron Waste Water Pipes
  • HVAC PVC Vent Stacks
  • HVAC Sheet Metal Ducts
  • PVC Vent Pipes
  • PVC Waste Water Pipes


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All Polyurethane Foams, including Combustion Modified Foams, will burn. Do not expose to any flame source. Once ignited, they can produce rapid flame spread, intense heat, dense smoke and toxic gases causing death. Warnings should be given to your employees and or customers. Test data does not necessarily reflect a foams performance under actual fire conditions. Before purchasing any foam, be sure to check with your local code officials to confirm the required flammability rating of exposed materials for your area.

Installation Details Tools Needed: Scissor or Shears, Tape Measure Materials Needed: none

Quiet Wrap Pipe Soundproofing Wrap Installation


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I just wanted to let you know that in the end, sealing the air spaces on this door worked just fine and took care of the problem.

I really appreciate you taking so much time to share your expertise with me, and in particular recommending I try the simpler solution before investing in more expensive noise barriers. That is a big credit to you and your business.

– Mike

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