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Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Cloud


You’ve taken steps to soundproof your space using our Udderly Quiet™ acoustic wall panels. But even the best wall paneling leaves a large space open where noise can bleed through — the ceiling. For the ultimate in room treatment, add a hanging acoustic panel to your space.

The Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Cloud is a lightweight hanging panel that can be easily installed in any room. Doing so prevents sound transfer through the ceiling and absorbs nuisance vibrations that can create noise in any room. Like all Soundproof Cow products, the Acoustic Cloud is durable and built for professional-quality performance.

Introducing the Acoustic Cloud

One of our newest additions to the Udderly Quiet™ family of products, the Acoustic Cloud features a dense fiberglass core for reliable sound absorption across the frequency spectrum, an aluminum frame for stability and a custom fabric cover available in the color of your choice.

Hanging acoustic panels can be made to order to ensure a clean fit in any space. For sizing information and pricing, contact a Soundproof Cow representative directly by phone or email.

Ideal for Home Recording Studios

Visit any professional recording studio and there’s a good chance you’ll see hanging acoustic panels installed in the ceiling. Home studios can benefit even more from ceiling treatments, in part because most recording is done in narrow rooms with high ceilings where reflected sounds can become trapped, leading to unwanted reverberations and poor audio quality.

Our products offer professional quality at DIY prices. Purchase a custom acoustic hanging panel and see the difference it makes in your home recordings instantly. The Acoustic Cloud is also a great choice for offices, classrooms, home theater rooms and other spaces where noise is a concern.

Call (866)949-9269 for questions or to order.

New Product!

Call (866)949-9269 for questions or to order.

We love these cloud panels. We had to deal with our noisy restaurant someway, and we needed help. Called into the Cow, which I love the name btw, and spoke with Kellen. He told us originally about acoustic panels and mounting them to the walls. We didn’t have any space for the walls and couldn’t mount them to the ceiling either, so he suggested these clouds. They were easy to hang and match so well with the colors of the room. I love it. Thank you so much for the help and the great product.

"The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend Soundproofcow.com to anyone!" S. CIMINO, LA