How to Control Dog Barking Noise with Soundproofing

How to Control Dog Barking Noise with Soundproofing
January 06, 2023

As cute as the terrier next door may be, their bark can pierce through your walls as you try to relax or work from home.

Soundproof Cow specializes in residential soundproofing solutions, so follow our DIY tips on how you can block dog barking noise at your home.

DIY Soundproofing Solutions for Eliminating Dog Barking Noises

When a dog barks in your neighbor’s yard or the next room over, the sound passes through the air until it reaches some source of interference. In this case, the interference is your doors, walls or floors. A soundwave will reflect off of a hard surface, but some energy will still pass through, especially if there are cracks or gaps.

The trick to mitigating dog barking noise pollution is minimizing the energy that passes through your walls. Try some of these soundproofing and sound absorption strategies to restore peace.

Soundproof Doors by Sealing Gaps and Cracks

Noise can most successfully breach your walls when there’s a gap or crack for it to squeeze through. The most common offenders that admit noise into your home are your doors.

The space along and underneath your doors is a perfect avenue for sound energy. To soundproof your doors, plug the space around their perimeters. A perimeter seal can fill the cracks on the sides and top of your door. Meanwhile, a door sweep will block noise from entering under your door without impeding the way it opens and closes.

Soundproof Walls to Reduce Noise

Sound energy views walls and air much the same. Just like how sound transfers through the air as a medium for transmission, it can move through walls, too. However, thicker surfaces are more effective at preventing transmission.

There are a few ways to fortify your walls against sound. You could install soundproofing composite to reflect some of the barking frequencies right back to the source and block the rest. Another option is absorbing and deadening noise by installing Quiet Barrier™ HD Soundproofing Sheets. Our Quiet Batt™ Soundproofing Insulation is a popular choice for interior and exterior walls to minimize sound.

Soundproofing Floors With Underlayment

Soundproofing Floors With Underlayment

If the noisy pup lives in the unit downstairs, you can use soundproofing materials on the floor to find some relief.

You can install Impact Barrier QT Flooring Underlayment under any flooring, from rugs and carpets to hardwood, vinyl and tile. The material is easy to install — just cut it to the room’s shape, glue it down and install your new floor on top.

Another option is PROFLEX™ 90 underlayment, which is best suited for hard flooring materials like tile, hardwood and stone. PROFLEX™ 90 has a rubberized membrane that increases its durability. Its silicone adhesive side forms a strong bond with hard flooring materials.

Discover More Soundproofing Solutions

Soundproof Cow has a variety of soundproofing options, so check out our blog for our latest tips. If you want to reduce dog barking sounds, get in touch to discuss your situation with our soundproofing experts.

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