How to Build a Soundproof Dog Enclosure

How to Build a Soundproof Dog Enclosure
March 31, 2023

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2 Ways to Soundproof Your Dog House

Soundproof Your Dog House With Soundproof Cow

Fireworks, thunderstorms, backfiring cars and noisy neighbors can send your furry best friend into a frenzy. Your dog’s space should be a place they feel safe when there’s too much chaos in the neighborhood and soundproofing can help.

Let’s go over the best ways to soundproof your pet’s dog house or crate so they have somewhere quiet to go on noisy days.

2 Ways to Soundproof Your Dog House

Soundproofing attempts to keep noise in or out of a particular space. When it comes to dog crates, you’ll want to focus on stopping unsettling noises from getting in so your pet feels safe inside.

We have three ideas you can implement at home to make your dog’s kennel a hushed haven — use a crate cover, use blankets or pad the inside with acoustic panels.

Use a Crate Cover

You can block noise by draping a crate cover over the top. The cover creates a thicker barrier that soundwaves must work through before reaching the inside of the crate. Look for crate covers at your local pet store.

Use Blankets

Even something as simple as a blanket makes a difference when attempting to block noise. Blankets achieve similar results as crate covers and you likely have them at home already.

However, if you want to feel more confident in the results, try a specialized acoustic quilt. Acoustic quilts are heavier and denser than the average blanket, giving them greater soundproofing capacity. Just make sure to purchase one large enough to cover the entire crate. Using more than one blanket may help you cover every inch while increasing the density.

Soundproof Your Dog House With Soundproof Cow

At Soundproof Cow, we have everything you need to soundproof your dog’s crate. Browse our inventory online or get in touch for more soundproofing tips from our in-house experts!

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