Soundproof Cow :: So, Why the Cow?

So, Why the Cow?

Our goal is to take a complicated topic and make it accessible to our customers, creating a site where anyone, no matter what their knowledge level of acoustics, can find a solution for their sound problem. Acoustics and soundproofing can be difficult subject matters. The acoustic industry is full of terms, acronyms and industry jargon foreign to most people. Even the concept of ‘sound’ is challenging to explain—it’s abstract and unseen and describing it can be difficult at best.

We can give the equations, logarithms and scientific data—but we know the majority of our customers don’t have the time to learn and apply equations or to understand the ‘why’ of acoustics—and besides, that’s why we’re here! Most of our customers know they have a sound/noise issue and just want to know how to fix it.

Marrying our complicated industry to an approachable format kept us up at night—there had to be a way to be both knowledgeable and customer friendly. We kept searching and digging, spending countless hours listening to our customers, until literally, the cows came home!

Our customers have complex problems. We make it easy to find solutions. We take the complicated and make it un-complicated—hence, THE COW as our acoustic products icon!

The cow represents the simplicity of finding a solution, website user-friendliness and the peace of mind you’ll get when working with us. Our site weaves the complicated, intimidating, profound science of acoustics with the very un-complicated, unassuming, universally familiar cow. The cow links you to the science of acoustics to your soundproofing solution.

YOU + acoustic science + soundproofing solution = THE COW

But wait, there’s more!

Cows are friendly un-assuming providers of milk and other dairy products We are friendly un-assuming providers of soundproofing and acoustic materials
Cows are peaceful and quiet We try to help our customers find a little peace and quiet
Cows hold a warm spot in everybody’s heart We hope to hold one in yours!

Although we may not always take ourselves so seriously, we are serious about our customers and the business of serving them. We’re dedicated to providing quality products, excellent information and top-notch service. We are here when you need us, call 1-866-949-9COW.

At, we stand apart from the heard... I mean ...herd.

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