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Soundproofing Tape

Whether you’re piecing Quiet Barrier™ chunks into an engine compartment or installing perfect squares in a perfectly square broadcast studio, your soundproofing project isn’t done until you have the seams between your materials bonded and sealed with soundproofing tape. Soundproof Cow carries two types of soundproofing tape: Quiet Barrier™ Tape and Reinforced Aluminum Seam Tape. Both types of tape are specially designed to stop sound from leaking through seam gaps and to help your project attain a smooth, finished appearance. Reinforced Aluminum Seam Tape is made of heat and light reflective all-weather acrylic, is tested and approved to inhibit mold, and excels in demanding temperatures, from the inside of a car hood to the humidity of the Florida Keys. It’s tearable, easily installed with peel-and-stick backing, and specifically designed to work with aluminum- or polyester film-faced acoustic products. Quiet Barrier™ Tape is a low-profile tape that has the same noise blocking and sound damping qualities as all Quiet Barrier™ soundproofing materials. It comes equipped with pressure sensitive peel-and-stick backing and, at only 1/16th of an inch thick, will easily fit into tight spaces.

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    Reinforced Aluminum Tape

    Reinforced Aluminum Seam Tape is specially designed to seal seams between our aluminum or polyester film faced acoustic products to achieve maximum results and attain a


    Quiet Barrier™ Tape

    Quiet Barrier™ Tape effectively seals the seams between sheets of Quiet Barrier™ or Quiet Barrier™ Foam Composites. Quiet Barrier™ Tape has the same noise blocking and

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