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About the Cow

In the early 1990’s, an ex-Navy electrical engineer started a business in rural Pennsylvania designing custom electrical, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for small components. His goal was pure – to produce a good, quality product and to provide unparalleled customer service. He succeeded! While the products were good, it was the service that left a real mark – before long, the business grew and they came to be regarded as trusted advisors for any question, regarding thermal or acoustical insulation products. Back then, our components were hand delivered, and every call was answered by a person. Fast forward almost 23 years and though our products may now be delivered by UPS, our phones are still answered by real, live people.

We’ve learned a lot over the last 23 years – a lot about the acoustic industry, a lot about our customers’ needs and a lot about how we can best bring these two things together. We understand that soundproofing is complicated. We aim to make it simple – for the contractor and the DIY’er alike. We have updated our long standing goals to include becoming the premiere source for soundproofing education and information.

Today we take the same approach to service that we always have – our customers come first, our products are of the highest quality, and we are serious about keeping both things that way. Ourselves? Well, ourselves we don’t take nearly as seriously…so we invite you to look around SoundproofCow.com, and we hope you find your visit mooo-ving.

"The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend Soundproofcow.com to anyone!" S. CIMINO, LA