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Acoustic Panels

Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels

What are Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels?

Designed to reduce noise levels projected by speakers, musicians and other sound events, perforated wood panels also decrease sound reverberation within a building so sound does not disturb adjoining rooms in the same building. Perforated acoustic wood panels are not completely “perforated,” but instead have tiny dents in them to absorb and centralize sound waves. In addition, these specialized panels may be suspended from ceilings to further reduce noise levels and echoing.

Wooden Acoustic Panels

The right soundproofing and sound absorption can be critical to the success of your business. It’s tempting to think soundproofing is only required in situations where sound control is a must, such as in a recording studio, or where the surrounding sound is prohibitively loud, like an apartment above a nightclub.

However, the fact is improving the acoustics of your business can make a huge difference to your success. Offices and businesses that have strong acoustics, often through the use of some soundproofing material like wooden acoustic panels, bring a level of sophistication that other businesses do not share. Those visiting your office, business or patronizing your store may not even realize it, but there’s something peaceful and confidence-bolstering about being in a space with good acoustics, and that may reflect in how your customers or clients respond to you.

But why acoustic wood? Conventional materials aren’t always as attractive as we would like, or at least, their look may not be appropriate for certain businesses or spaces. Wood acoustic panels never look out of place. Like the idea of improved acoustics itself, attractive wood panels in an office or business bring an added sense of style and grace to the surroundings.

Keep in mind these are not necessarily just pure, blank wooden acoustic panels, either. We can provide you with custom patterns and designs to your specifications, so your wood acoustic panel soundproofing efforts match your existing décor or enhance it in a way you previously may not have considered. Whether you opt for wall wood acoustic panels, ceiling panels, suspended baffles or some combination of these, wood acoustic panels can elevate your business or office on a variety of levels.

What Acoustic Wood Panels Will Do for You:

  • Acoustic Wood Panels will quiet your space by absorbing and diffusing sound.
  • Acoustic Wood Panels will add privacy and intimacy to your space.
  • Acoustic Wood Panels will improve speech intelligibility, recording quality and listening quality.

What Acoustic Wood Panels are perfect for:

  • Restaurant Acoustics: Acoustic wood panels can improve acoustics so diners can better hear each other. They’ll also be less prone to accidentally eavesdrop on others’ conversations and improve ability communicate with wait staff.
  • Office Acoustics: Wood paneling is standard for many offices, so acoustic wood panels fit right in with many office décor arrangements.
  • Hotel Lobby and Banquet Hall Acoustics: Large spaces like hotel lobbies and banquet halls often have tough to manage acoustics. Wood acoustic panels can reign in all that rebounding sound.
  • Church Acoustics: Wood acoustic paneling can make it easier to hear sermons and hymns without compromising the respectful look of the Church’s interior.
  • Classroom Acoustics: Any teacher will tell you anything that can control the sound of the classroom is welcome. The right wood acoustic panel arrangement can do just that without creating an additional distraction for the students.
  • Auditorium and Lecture Hall Acoustics: Auditoriums and lecture halls are another large space where being able to hear is clearly crucial, but acoustics can be difficult to control. Wood acoustic panels can be an ideal solution. These types of spaces are perfect for a complete wood acoustic panel setup, including the ceiling, walls and suspended options.
  • Home Theater Acoustics: A wood-paneled home theater can not only look classic and elegant, but if those wood panels are soundproof, it can also vastly improve your listening experience when enjoying your favorite cinema classics.
  • Recording Studio Acoustics: Reliable soundproofing is vital to a recording studio, and wood acoustic panels can provide just that level of sound absorption you need.
  • Entertainment Facility Acoustics: Great acoustics can make entertainment facilities that much more fun, and with custom patterns available, the wood acoustic panels that can provide those acoustics and will fit right in.

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