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EccoTone™ Acoustic Wood Panels are a highly finished, professional Acoustic Product. Our Acoustic Wood Panels are available in a large variety of Patterns, Veneers, Sizes and Finishes that will add a sense of elegance and style to your décor.

These are not your typical Acoustic Treatment. EccoTone™ Acoustic Wood Panels are highly customizable. Have an idea for a pattern? Let our design team know and we will create a custom pattern for your project.

EccoTone™ Acoustic Wood Panels are made locally in South Central Pennsylvania with USA materials! We make only the highest quality Acoustic Wood Panels from sustainable materials and a Class A™ Flammability rating is available for all of our Acoustic Wood Treatments. These Acoustic Treatments are typically wall and ceiling mounted or suspended from the ceiling as a cloud or baffle.

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