Soundproofing 101

Sometimes too much information is just too much information. On occasion we learn this lesson when we hear the neighbors chatting through the wall, or when we hear Granddad’s TV through the basement floor, or even when we’re browsing the Soundproof Cow website and feeling a bit overwhelmed by options. To help you in your project to soundproof a wall, a ceiling or the floor of your office, restaurant, studio or equipment piece, we’ve created project-specific guides to help you ignore the stuff you don’t need and focus on choosing the appropriate soundproofing materials that will help you get your project done. Whether you need to soundproof a floor, silence a pool pump, make a conference room sound less like a gymnasium, or quiet pipes that make an apartment-wide announcement every time you flush, chances are good that one of the 61 Soundproof Cow project guides—organized into three categories—will have the right soundproofing materials solution for you. Each guide contains expert-selected material recommendations for both soundproofing and sound absorption. Some guides even contain information about what’s causing the noise in your space as well as the effect soundproofing will have. Pick a guide category below to get started!

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