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Acoustical Sound Sealants

Acoustical sound sealants are used to prevent unwanted sounds from escaping through cracks that surround lightweight cavity walls, flooring systems, wall-penetrating equipment (like air conditioning ducts), door sills and other places where it only takes a crack to cause a commotion.

Soundproof Cow carries water-based OSI® Pro-Series® soundproofing sealants that are VOC-compliant and safe to be used in both exposed and unexposed soundproofing projects. Like most sealants, they are paintable, remain flexible and also help to cut down on drafts. We highly recommend using OSI® Pro-Series® acoustical sound sealants with our in-wall isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System, or with any project that requires the completed space to achieve and maintain specific STC (Sound Transmission Class) values.

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    OSI® Pro-Series SC-175 Acoustical Sound Sealant (Case of 12)

    OSI® Pro-Series® SC-175™ Acoustical Sound Sealant is a water-based sealant designed to reduce sound transmission in both exposed and unexposed walls and partition systems. Its’ Primary

    If you have an industrial building, office or facility with cracks and gaps in the walls that allow air to enter, you probably have a soundproofing problem. Even if your building has soundproofing installed, without covering up those cracks, it will be impossible to reach a satisfactory STC (Sound Transmission Class). Fortunately, Soundproof Cow has you covered. Order a case of our acoustical sound sealant, and seal all those cracks . . .

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    OSI® Pro-Series SC-175 Acoustical Sound Sealant (Tube)

    OSI® Pro-Series® SC-175™ Acoustical Sound Sealant is a water-based sealant designed to reduce sound transmission in both exposed and unexposed walls and partition systems. Its’ Primary

    For individual jobs for which you need an effective sealant to accompany your soundproofing, order a tube of OSI® Pro-Series SC-175 acoustical sound sealant from Soundproof Cow. Each tube provides 86 linear feet of acoustical sound sealant to insulate and soundproof areas that have air gaps and could allow unwanted sound transfer. Soundproof barriers can block unwanted sound between rooms, but there are some situations where a more finessed solution . . .


Rated for High-Performance

Formulated specifically to reduce drafts and sound transmissions, nonflammable soundproofing sealant applies securely to most building materials, including metal, concrete, wood, drywall and studs while achieving Sound Transmission Class values and meeting LEED requirements. Acoustical sound sealants also prevent condensation, air infiltration, offer long-term moisture barriers and meet specified STC values.

Latex-based, nonflammable sealants reduce drafts and noise transmission in all kinds of wall systems requiring sound-rated assembly. It’s also flexible, paintable and adheres securely to drywall, wood, concrete, metal and just about any other building material you’re using. Originally developed for commercial construction, soundproofing sealent is a must-have for noisy, multi-level office buildings, apartment complexes, hotels and residential buildings.

Apply sound sealant to unexposed and exposed ceiling and floor runners, perimeter joints, veneer plaster systems and areas where you need a sound-rated assembly. Use it around electrical outlets, electrical boxes, HVAC ducts, cold air returns and equipment attached to wall surfaces for increased sound performance in rooms and recording studios.

But wait — there’s more! Soundproofing sealant cleans up with plain soap and water, won’t crack, harden or separate, and is UL-classified and tested. It won’t migrate, either, meaning wherever you put sound sealant, that’s where it stays. No oozing, running or thinning to mess with.

Sound proof sealant is just an all-around great thing to have for quickly and easily reducing noise transmission and preventing drafts from entering a room. Hey, we’ve even got more mind-boggling things to tell you about our sound sealant if you call us at 1-866-949-9269!

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