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Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffle 3″ (Case of 5)




Are you finding yourself in need of quality sound absorption in an environment that has more strict building code standards for fire safety? Order a case or two of our Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles.

You’ll receive five of these 3” hanging baffles in white or gray to hang on your wall or suspend from your ceiling. These 2’ x 4’ baffles hang unnoticeably above and out of sight in your school, apartment complex, restaurant or wherever you need clean sound.

Reliable Sound Control With Great Fire-Resistance in One Hanging Baffle

The open-celled, acoustic melamine foam absorbs all the various echoes that would normally bounce around the room, so instead of coming back down and interfering with the conversations of your guests, residents or teachers, everyone in the environment enjoys cleaner sound and clearer communication.

Best of all, because these are made of melamine rather than more fire-sensitive polyurethane, they have a Class A™ rating for exposed materials. This means they will meet most building fire code standards.

Install and Start Enjoying the Benefits Right Away

These baffles are lightweight and easy to hang, so installation is a breeze. All you need are some light chains and S-hooks. Four grommeted straps come with each baffle. They operate virtually unnoticeably, absorbing all frequencies of excess sound, from very low to very high. People who do notice them will probably just assume they are part of the décor and never guess they are working hard to rid the room of harsh noises and unwanted sounds.

The special anechoic pattern on each baffle increases the sound absorbing surface area, dramatically enhancing its sound control abilities. Each case of five can cover 40 square feet of space, and at our cost-sensitive prices, you can buy as many cases as you need.

Order Your Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles From Soundproof Cow Now

Our Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles are a great way to quickly and easily enjoy cleaner sound just about anywhere at a reasonable price. See for yourself by ordering a case today.



Dimensions 2 ft. x 4 ft.
Thickness 3 in.
Coverage 40 sqft.
Quantity Case of 5
Color White or Gray
Fire Rating Class A™
Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Technical Data Product Data Sheet


Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffle is made from flame resistant, acoustic foam. Choose this baffle for applications or buildings that require a Class A™ rating for exposed materials. Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles are perfect for areas that have high temperatures or where sparks may fly. Our Class A™ foams are made with open celled, acoustic melamine. This product was specially created to give excellent noise absorption qualities, while offering something else other foams can’t … a Class A™ flammability rating. Environments where large numbers of people congregate demand Class A™ products rather than flammable polyurethane foams. Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffle reduce echo within any environment. Ceiling hung, it enhances sound quality and aesthetics of a variety of spaces.

Features & Benefits

Engineered for performance — The Anechoic pattern was designed to increase surface area, ultimately increasing the acoustic performance. Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles absorb sound generated at low, mid and high frequencies and have a higher noise absorption rating then polyurethane baffles. See acoustic data below.

Ease of Installation — Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles are light weight and can be hung with light duty chain and s-hooks. These baffles come with 4 grommeted straps, so baffles can be hung consecutively or daisy chained.

Quality — Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles are made with high quality melamine foam.

Personalization — Udderly Quiet™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles are available in bright white and light gray. Choose the color that best matches your personal décor.

Architectural Interest — The 3D pattern of the Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles creates a visually unique environment.

Flammability — Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Anechoic Hanging Baffles are manufactured from melamine foam that has a Class A™ flammability rating. This product passes most building code flammability requirements for exposed materials.

Made in the USA


Great for:

  • Auditoriums
  • Churches or Worship Centers
  • Classrooms
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Home Recording Studios
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Professional Recording Studios
  • Restaurants

Acoustic Data

frequency 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K A S/U*
3 inch 4.17 6.50 10.00 15.60 17.90 19.50 12.80

*A S/U = average sabins / unit


Tools Needed: Tape measure

Materials Needed: Light-duty chain (medium-duty chain if more then 3 baffles hung consecutively), S-hooks.

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