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Udderly Quiet™ Spiral Trap Acoustic Foam 24″ Charcoal (Case of 6)

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This product is no longer available in the State of California. Please contact us for approved solutions. 1-866-949-9269


Sound control can be a challenging problem, especially in rooms with many hard surfaces. These types of rooms tend to feature a lot of surface reflection noise, with certain sounds bouncing off of walls and interfering with more desirable frequencies, creating harsh sounds that can be frustrating and distracting.

If you have a recording studio, even if you have soundproofing on the walls, low-frequency sounds and reflection noises can interfere with the cleanliness of your sound, making it difficult to get a quality recording.

For recording studios, home theaters, conference rooms, gymnasiums and anywhere else that you need a simple, flexible way to get crisp, clear sound, our 24-inch charcoal spiral trap acoustic foam can be a highly effective solution.

Learn About Our Charcoal 24” Spiral Trap Acoustic Foam

These sleek, simple tubes offer the perfect way to add the sound dampening you need to any room. Only 2 feet long, 10 inches in diameter and 4 feet thick — and in a neutral charcoal color — they can be used in any room where you want reverberations and echoes dampened. They come six to a case, so you can cover an entire room or multiple rooms depending on your needs.

The spiral shape of these products can give you lots of surface area for sound absorption, allowing this acoustic foam to capture a lot of the harsh sound that your other soundproofing methods miss, whether it’s high-frequency or low-frequency sound. No assembly or installation is needed — just strategically place the foam wherever you want it to go, and move it around when you need to change your sound dampening strategy.

Get Your Convenient and Effective Charcoal Spiral Trap Acoustic Foam From Soundproof Cow Today

Our 24-inch charcoal spiral trap acoustic foam is great for almost any application. It comes in a Class A™ flammability rating option, should you require it. Check your local building code regulations on exposed materials to see what the compliance issues are. You’ll love the way these spiral traps capture harsh noise and leave you with clear, clean sound. Try a case of six today!


Dimensions 2 ft.
Thickness 10 in. round
Quantity Case of 6
Color Charcoal
Availability Usually ships in 7-14 business days

This product is no longer available in the State of California. Please contact us for approved solutions. 1-866-949-9269


Udderly Quiet™ Studio Spiral Traps are designed to improve sound quality within a studio or recording environment by reducing reverberation (echo). They are professional grade sound improvement products for use in commercial or home recording / listening settings. Udderly Quiet™ Studio Spiral Traps are designed to absorb sound from low to high frequencies and will improve the sound quality of any environment that suffers from poor acoustics. They are also available with a Class A™ flammability rating that will pass most building code requirements for exposed materials. All of our Acoustic Foam products are made with the highest grades of acoustic foam.

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