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Udderly Quiet™ Spiral Trap Acoustic Foam 48″ Charcoal (Case of 3)

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This product is no longer available in the State of California. Please contact us for approved solutions. 1-866-949-9269


Are you finding that you’re not getting the kind of sound quality you need from the recordings in your recording studio? Are you looking for a soundproofing solution that’s flexible and unobtrusive? If so, our Udderly Quiet™ Spiral Trap Acoustic Foam may be right up your alley.

One of the biggest challenges to noise control is reverberation. Echoes resulting from sound waves reflecting off hard surfaces and other low-frequency sounds can interfere with the frequencies you’re trying to record or listen to and create a harsh cacophony of sound.

If you have a recording studio or home theater, you probably already have soundproofing, but it may not be quite doing the job. You may also have an area like a child’s room or an office conference room that simply isn’t equipped for adequate soundproofing, but has poor acoustics that you need to improve. In both of these situations, strategic placement of one of our 48-inch charcoal spiral trap acoustic foam tubes can be the answer.

About the Charcoal 48” Spiral Trap Acoustic Foam

These tubes are 10 inches around and 4 feet thick, measuring 4 feet long. The charcoal color allows them to blend in with most environments, so you can simply place one or two of them in an out-of-the-way location in your office, gym, studio or wherever you need sound absorption and let them do their work. They come three to a case, so you can add additional traps if you need more sound dampening.

These traps come in a spiral shape, which creates more surface area of sound trapping foam to do the job, catching the excess harsh sound that may have been missed by your existing soundproofing. They’re durable, great-looking and easy to use.

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Our spiral trap acoustic foam is appropriate for many residential and commercial applications. Check your local building codes regarding exposed materials to make sure you’re in compliance. Class A™ flammability rating spiral trap acoustic foam is also available. Get the perfect soundproofing now!



Dimensions 4 ft.
Thickness 10 in. round
Quantity Case of 3
Color Charcoal
Availability Usually ships in 7-14 business days

This product is no longer available in the State of California. Please contact us for approved solutions. 1-866-949-9269


Udderly Quiet™ Studio Spiral Traps are designed to improve sound quality within a studio or recording environment by reducing reverberation (echo). They are professional grade sound improvement products for use in commercial or home recording / listening settings. Udderly Quiet™ Studio Spiral Traps are designed to absorb sound from low to high frequencies and will improve the sound quality of any environment that suffers from poor acoustics. They are also available with a Class A™ flammability rating that will pass most building code requirements for exposed materials. All of our Acoustic Foam products are made with the highest grades of acoustic foam.

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