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3 Quietest Hair Dryers

What is the quietest hair dryer

What Is the Quietest Hair Dryer?

A peaceful morning can help you start the day on the right foot. However, if there’s one thing that breaks the morning serenity, it’s a loud hair dryer. If you’ve had enough of the noise, it’s time to look into a silent hair dryer — or at least something close.

What Makes Hairdryers Quiet?

One way manufacturers make the quietest hair dryers is by increasing the number of blades in the fan. Adding blades allows the fan to move more air with a single rotation.

Additionally, some hair dryers feature insulative or absorptive materials around the motor to minimize sound from noisy interior components.

Of course, having multiple settings helps, too. Your hair dryer should make less noise at a lower, slower setting.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Quiet Hair Dryers

A quieter hair dryer will cause less disturbance in your home. It’ll also minimize the strain on your ears a loud hairdryer can cause over time. Ultimately, a quiet hairdryer can help you enjoy a more comfortable start to your day.

The only drawback to consider is the hairdryer’s power. A quieter model may not dry your hair as quickly. You may have to plan some extra time into your morning routine for your hair to dry, especially if you have thicker hair.

3 Quietest Hair Dryers

There are plenty of quiet hair dryers on the market. We’ve looked at some of the best options and broken them into three groups.

1. The All-Out Choice

The salon-worthy Parlux 3800 EcoFriendly has everything you need if you’re willing to invest in your hair dryer. This model has a built-in silencer that stylists trust to reduce noise during long hours at work.

2. The Mid-Range Staple

The MHU Professional Salon Grade Low Noise Hair Dryer is another solid choice. It emits infrared rays that assist the fan in drying your hair. This model reduces noise by helping you dry your hair faster. Plus, the infrared beams allow you to use a lower, quieter fan setting.

3. The Budget Option

The REVLON 1875 Watts Infrared Heat Hair Dryer is similar to the MHU PRofessional in that it features infrared technology. It comes with plenty of attachments, too, making it a great option for the price.

Get Peace and Quiet With a Quiet Hair Dryer

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