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Acoustic Partitions

Whether you need to split an open office space into several smaller spaces, or reduce the echo in a restaurant without committing to a remodel, free-standing acoustic partitions can help you create quiet, custom spaces that give you the flexibility to change your layout every day of the week.

Soft Sound® acoustic partitions are custom made with noise-absorbing fiberglass on the inside, and personality-fitting fabric colors, textures, images or artwork of your choosing on the outside. Soundproofing a room or area has never been so easy. They arrive fully assembled and are light enough to be moved around a room by one or two people.

Acoustic partitions are an excellent option if you need to reduce echo, increase privacy, cut back background noise or “build” a temporary soundproof room within a room.


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Soft Sound Acoustic Partition

Soft Sound® Acoustic Partitions are a high quality acoustic product that absorbs background noise. They are custom designed to your specifications so you have total flexibility to create your own space.

Our acoustic partitions are perfect for Offices, Restaurants, Hotels and or any space were you need acoustic improvement but require a movable partition. Set up temporary work stations or separate two spaces within the same open floor plan. These acoustic partitions are perfect for a collaborative office environment that requires adaptability. Create a conference space quickly and easily. Create a visually and acoustically private space for a dining space in a restaurant.

The best part is with Soft Sound® Acoustic Partitions you don’t have to over commit to a layout. If you want to change your space simply move the partitions and create a new work space or private environment!

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