Guide to Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Guide to Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
January 02, 2024

You might be familiar with acoustic wall panels and their benefits in sound absorption. Acoustic ceiling clouds serve a similar purpose and are equally effective. The panel facing absorbs sounds on both sides, compared to wall panels that only absorb on the face of the panel. They offer an increased sound control from an elevated angle.

We’ve compiled a guide to acoustic ceiling clouds to explain what they are, their applications in commercial and residential settings, their benefits, and the different available types.

What Are Acoustic Ceiling Clouds?

Acoustic ceiling clouds consist of highly durable and practical acoustic materials. They are vital in acoustic treatment because of their versatile mounting options. They absorb sound reflections and reduce echo in a given space. The installation process is easy, requiring few tools. A chain and hooks suspend the clouds securely from the ceiling.

Acoustic Clouds come in various shapes, colors, and styles. Your space and goals dictate the layout. Whether you’re pursuing a DIY project at home, or quieting an atrium or restaurant ceiling, acoustical ceiling clouds are the ideal solution.

Pair the clouds with Udderly Quiet® Acoustic Panels for your home, office, worship center, school or hotel conference room. They are excellent alternatives when you have limited wall space.

Our Echo Absorber™ Hanging Baffles consist of 80% recycled thermally bonded cotton fibers for better sound absorption.

Baffles are hanging sound panels that suit numerous applications. They’re popular in restaurants and auditoriums because of their ease of installation and performance. Our Echo Absorber Hanging Baffles consist of 80% recycled thermally bonded cotton fibers for better sound absorption. Despite persistent wear, the durable material retains its flexible nature and ensures its Class A flammable rating lives up to its standards.

Our ceiling clouds are formaldehyde-free for safe, glove-free handling and installation.

Acoustic Ceiling Cloud Applications

Acoustical clouds are ideal for various applications in any space, though the ceiling’s height and depth may impact their efficiency. A gap between the ceiling and the cloud’s panel facing may also be a factor.

The noise reduction coefficient rating — measured on a scale between zero and one — determines a material’s ability to absorb sounds. A zero rating means the material doesn’t absorb any sound, while one rating means the material absorbs all sounds. Any ratings between zero and one refer to the relevant absorbency percentage. For example, a rating of 0.2 means the material absorbs 20% of the sound, while 0.8 means the material absorbs 80% of the sound.

Various uses and applications include:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Auditoriums
  • Restaurants
  • Recording studios
  • University libraries
  • Health care facilities
  • Hotel conference rooms
  • Senior living recreational areas

Your soundproofing goals will determine the necessary panel amounts, material, size and style. Do you need the space to be fully or partially soundproof? Is the aim to promote better voice projection and clarity? Are you using other soundproofing materials to maximize efficiency? Your requirements are vital when choosing the best acoustic ceiling clouds for your project.

Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Soundproofing with acoustic ceiling clouds has inherent advantages.

  • Improved speech intelligibility: With reduced reverberation and noise pollution, speech becomes clearer and more audible for everyone, especially in larger spaces like auditoriums and conference rooms. Restaurateurs appreciate the increased privacy patrons can enjoy when dining. Meetings run smoothly when participants hear each other clearly, and conference calls have a higher success rate.
  • Enhanced sound quality: Music enthusiasts, recording artists and producers benefit from the improved sound quality ceiling clouds provide. The best soundproofing products and materials are essential in recording studios and music venues. Large spaces like halls and auditoriums enjoy controlled sounds with reduced excess reverberation.
  • Provides additional sound absorbency: If you already have soundproofing materials installed, acoustic ceiling clouds offer additional sound absorption to help achieve an NRC rating of one.
  • Improved productivity and concentration: Offices, classrooms and libraries benefit significantly from acoustic ceiling clouds because those who use these areas experience reduced distracting noises. By drowning out external sounds, occupants will likely concentrate better and be more productive.
  • Fire safety and prevention: Most ceiling clouds adhere to stringent fire safety standards.
  • Building code compliance: The ceiling clouds comply with building codes and regulations. They are safe and suitable for virtually any building.
  • Improved air quality: Acoustic clouds contain organic materials that resist mold and fungi growth for cleaner and improved air quality.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Customization possibilities are vast with acoustic ceiling clouds. Many styles, colors, shapes and sizes match your needs and preferences. These versatile clouds offer the best modern aesthetic allure and functionality.

Types of Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Acoustic ceiling clouds are available in various materials. Your choice depends on the room’s requirements, but they all have pros and cons.

We’ll touch on two common types of acoustic ceiling clouds — fabric-wrapped and acoustic foam.

Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Fabric-wrapped acoustic clouds are ideal for reducing noise pollution and improving speech intelligibility in offices, meeting rooms, schools, recording studios, auditoriums, and conference rooms. They have a mineral wool core wrapped in sound-absorbing fabric.

Acoustic Foam Ceiling Clouds

This lightweight alternative uses polyether, polyester or melamine foam shaped like cones, pyramids or domes. You can partition the clouds into tiles or attach them directly to the ceiling for improved sound absorption. You will usually see them in expansive spaces where the ceiling covers more area and the space between the walls is vast, like gyms and restaurants.

Choose Soundproof Cow for Your Acoustic Cloud Solutions

Soundproof Cow supports all soundproofing projects for every application, big or small. We sell many soundproofing materials for DIY or commercial use. We also offer exceptional sound absorption materials to perfect any undertaking.

Call us at 866-949-9269 when you’re ready to discuss your project requirements, or submit a contact request form with your details.

Choose Soundproof Cow for Your Acoustic Cloud Solutions

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