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Top 5 Sound Absorption Products

We have soundproofing materials for every space and every application. Whether you’re looking to soundproof an apartment, a restaurant, or any other space, the team at Soundproof Cow will show you exactly what you need and offer you expert advice. You can even customize some of our sound absorption materials, like our Art Acoustic Panels. Send us an image and we’ll put it on an acoustic panel for you. Just because you want a quiet room doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

In order to best serve you, our customer, and to identify the right solutions for your needs, you can call, email, or fill out our fast, easy and Free Acoustic Analysis or Soundproofing Questionnaire. At Soundproof Cow, we make soundproofing simple.

  • acoustic panel s BUY NOW

    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panel – 200 Series

    The 200 Series Acoustic Panel is our General All-Around, All-Purpose Acoustic Panel. This Acoustic Panel model is our Most Popular and Best Selling panel due to

    UDDERLY QUIET™ 200 SERIES ACOUSTIC PANELS The 200 Series — part of the Udderly Quiet™ family of products — is a general-purpose, modular soundproofing panel that offers flexibility and performance at an affordable price point. It’s one of our best-selling products, and an excellent choice for everything from recording studio and rehearsal space use to more general soundproofing applications. 200 Series panels feature a glass mineral wool core and fabric . . .

  • acoustic panel ea 2 natural BUY NOW

    Echo Absorber Acoustic Panel (Natural Blend – 2″x2’x4′)

    Echo Absorber is a light weight, thermally bonded acoustical panel made from recycled cotton fibers, which offers excellent noise reduction qualities in low, middle and high

    ECHO ABSORBER 2” NATURAL BLEND ACOUSTIC PANELS Our Echo Absorber line of products delivers excellent noise reduction across the entire frequency spectrum. Offering flexible installation options, the 2” thick, 2’ by 4’ configuration is one of our best-sellers for home and commercial use. Use it to soundproof a recording studio, home theater room, office, classroom or any other space. The Natural Choice Our natural blend Echo Absorber panels are VOC-free . . .

  • acoustic foam panel convoluted BUY NOW

    Convoluted Acoustic Foam Panels

      DEEP DISCOUNT. ON SALE NOW! * This product is not eligible for promotional offers.  

    Convoluted Acoustic Foam Panels are manufactured from acoustic grade polyurethane foam, in an “egg crate” design is designed to have an increased surface area, giving you better sound absorption performance.

  • acoustic panel quiet board 2 BUY NOW

    Quiet Board™ Acoustic Panel 2″ (Case of 7)

    Quiet Board™ is a unique, water resistant acoustic panel that absorbs and deflects sound equally. It is perfect for areas that need a temporary noise reduction

    Quiet Board™ is a unique, water resistant acoustic panel that absorbs and deflects sound equally. It is perfect for areas that need a temporary noise reduction barrier due to its rigid composition of compressed, small cylinder shaped beads, similar to Styrofoam®. The cylinder shaped beads have hollowed cores that allow sound to travel into the panel, where it is absorbed. The core material of Quiet Board™ is glossy and smooth, . . .

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