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Misophonia: When You Can’t Stand Every Day Noises



Does it fill you with rage when someone talks with their mouth full? Do you want to flee every time your housemate coughs? If certain noises drive you crazy while no one else seems to notice, that doesn’t mean you’re a lousy friend, spouse, coworker or family member. However, it might mean you have misophonia. Misophonia can be an isolating experience. If you have misophonia, you might avoid certain social . . .


The Effects of Sound on a Baby During Pregnancy

The Effects of Sound on a Baby

When you’re pregnant, you take extra precautionary measures to ensure your health is in top shape to best protect your unborn child. You may be familiar with the everyday products you should avoid while pregnant, including hair dyes and various chemicals. But did you know that sound can significantly impact your health while pregnant, too? If you like to blast your music from your car or prefer to listen to . . .


Why Can Humans Only Hear Between 20 Hz and 20kHz?

Why Can Humans Only Hear Between 20 Hz and 20kHz

If you’ve ever used a dog whistle before, you may have blown into the device with no sound produced at all. Except you did make a noise — it was just at a frequency level indistinguishable to the human ear. Your four-legged friend, however, likely perked up his ears the moment you blew into this seemingly unintelligible whistle. While dogs and our other furry companions can hear frequencies reaching up . . .


Echo vs. Reverberation

Echo vs. Reverberation

When you find yourself standing in a long hallway and decide to shout out your name, you might just hear your name repeated back in waves. This return of noise is an example of echo. The sound reflects back to the listener as the frequencies bounce off hard objects such as ceilings and walls. The sound of a humming guitar string that continues after plucking is referred to as “reverberation.” . . .


Why Certain Sounds Lull You to Sleep

Sleep Sounds

You’re cozied up in bed, drifting off and it begins to rain. How do you react? If you’re like the rest of the herd, you probably shrug it off. But, if your phone goes off, your reaction is likely the exact opposite. These different responses are the basis of a study completed by a Pennsylvania State University professor, who’s discovered why certain sounds lull us to sleep and others perk . . .

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