How Sound in a Restaurant Can Impact the Taste of the Food/Dining Experience

How Sound in a Restaurant Impacts the Taste of the Food & Dining Experience

Does sound affect taste? If you work in a restaurant, you know that smell and taste are closely related, but what about the effect of noise on food perception? Is it real? It is, and it’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to soundproof a restaurant to maximize your opportunity for success. How Does Sound Impact Taste/Dining Experience? Sound can impact both taste and dining experience. There is a . . .


The Impact of Humidity and Temperature in Room Acoustics

Impact of Humidity & Temperature in Room Acoustics

Did you know humidity and temperature have an effect on the acoustics in a studio, auditorium or another room? In fact, humidity and room acoustics have a very important relationship, and the subject of humidity impact on temperature-related sound issues deserves a closer look. What Is Humidity? Before we look at the effect of humidity on the speed of sound and sound quality, it’s important to understand what humidity is. . . .


What Is 3D Audio and How Does It Work?

3D sound audio

You may have heard about 3D art, but what about 3D audio? In a continually advancing technological age, it makes sense that age-old electronics are now a thing of the past. Engineers strive to make technology increasingly more realistic and alluring in an attempt to provide consumers with a deeply engaging experience. That’s where 3D audio comes into play. 3D sound provides an innovative experience to listeners, causing them to . . .


What is Sonic Art?

Sound Art

What do the United States, France, Germany and China all have in common? They’re hosts to sound art shows. Sonic art, or the creation of visual art using sound waves and vibrations, is a growing area of interest for artists and viewers. If you’re asking, “What is sound art?” keep reading to learn more about it and some of its notable artists. History of Sound Art Sound wave art has . . .


What Is Vibration Therapy?

what is vibration therapy

Vibration therapy uses vibrations created from sound to treat pain, muscle stiffness and other conditions, as well as help your body heal after an injury, like a broken bone. How does vibration therapy work, though? And how effective is it? We have the answers to your questions, and much more, below. How Vibration Therapy Works We know vibration therapy uses vibrations, but how does it affect our body, bones and . . .

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