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How to Control Sound in Waiting Rooms

November 18, 2022
How to Control Sound in Waiting Rooms

In both office and medical waiting rooms, it’s important to be able to effectively control sound levels. At Soundproof Cow, we’ll help you discover the materials you need to create a quiet and welcoming space for your clients and patients. Why It’s Important to Control Sound in Waiting Rooms All waiting rooms should have some […]

How to Soundproof Brick Walls

November 04, 2022
How to Soundproof Brick Walls

Is your brick home leaking sound from around the neighborhood? Does the echoes and reverberation through your brick wall make you a little irritated? A few soundproofing improvements can help you restore serenity in your space. At Soundproof Cow, we connect homeowners with the guidance and tools they need to make their homes quieter. We will explain […]

Things to Know When Soundproofing Metal Buildings

October 21, 2022
Things to Know When Soundproofing Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are durable, cost-effective structures for commercial or residential workshops. However, many metal buildings feature thin, hard surfaces that allow sound to pass through and reflect. If you operate loud machinery inside your metal building, you likely deal with a lot of reverberating noise, and you may receive some noise complaints from folks outside. […]

Soundproofing Tips for Busy Cities

October 07, 2022
soundproofing tips for busy cities

Living in a busy city is great for many reasons, but you’ll have to deal with the noise you hear daily. Sound is bound to invade your space when you live in an apartment or home with neighbors and traffic so close by. Fortunately, soundproofing methods and materials can make exterior noise less of an […]

Water-Resistant Panels 101

September 21, 2022
water resistant panels

Benefits of Waterproof Panels for Soundproofing Waterproof acoustic panels handle two jobs at once by containing all the interior sound while blocking any outside noise. This makes them perfect for rooms or buildings that could benefit from soundproofing and sound absorption. Unlike standard soundproofing materials — which deteriorate, crack or absorb excess moisture — these panels […]

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