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What Is Decoupling?

What is Decoupling

When it comes to the science of soundproofing, decoupling is an important concept to know. Decoupling is the process of separating two parts of a wall for the purpose of inhibiting vibration transmission and blocking loud noises from traveling across the wall. Noise occurs when sound waves hit a solid object, like a wall. This vibratory sound easily transfers between connected objects. If sound waves hit one side of a wall, . . .


Soundproofing While Remodeling

  Everyone has different ideas about home renovation. Some people do one room at a time, while others go in for whole-home renovation. Some put off remodeling as long as possible, while others jump at the opportunity to give their home a brand-new look. Why Soundproofing and Remodeling Go Together Whatever your remodeling plans are, may we suggest adding soundproofing insulation to the equation? There are a number of great . . .


Understanding the Various Sound Ratings

what does the STC rating mean?

When you begin to look for soundproofing materials, it’s essential to understand what type of product you need. You might know that you want to reduce the level of noise and reverberation produced in your room, office or business, but to what degree does this sound need reduction? Sound ratings help you better understand the acoustical properties and soundproofing level of your room. No two noises are the same, and . . .


How to Determine the STC Rating of a Wall

How to Determine the STC Rating of a wall

After suffering through unwanted sounds and reverberation for quite some time, you finally decide to soundproof your room to minimize noise and echo production. You might have dealt with noisy neighbors, unwanted traffic sounds, or even general noise pollution before installing your soundproofing material. But now, all you hear is the blissful sound of silence. Even though the drastic change in sound quality might seem like magic, it boils down . . .


How Proper Furniture Placement Can Reduce Sound

how to reduce sound with furniture

Proper soundproofing can make a huge difference in an apartment or home. If your bedroom is adjacent to your child’s room, or your study is adjacent to the living room, good soundproofing can be critical in helping you relax and focus. If you’re looking for easy ways to soundproof a room or apartment, you may wish to purchase soundproofing panels or other products from Soundproof Cow. However, if you’re looking . . .

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