How Many Acoustic Panels Do You Need?

How Many Acoustic Panels Do You Need?
February 22, 2024

On a busy day you are bombarded with noise from the TV, telephones, and office break rooms. These sounds can be harsh, distracting and overstimulating, at work or while you’re trying to relax at home. While you may not be able to control noise you can treat your space with sound-absorbing materials to get rid of unwanted echoes or noise pollution.

Poor acoustics can make a space seem smaller and make you feel like you are trapped in a drum. Luckily, there is a simple solution: acoustic panels. If you are ready to remove echoes or distracting sounds from a room and enhance its acoustic quality, your first question involves determining how many sound panels you need. To help you figure it out and move closer to a peaceful home, office or commercial space, we ve compiled some general tips and essential factors to consider.

Tips for Calculating How Many Sound Panels You Need

To help you get the most out of your acoustic treatment, here are some tips for calculating the number of acoustic panels you need for your room.

1. Identify Your Room Type

Calculating the number of acoustic panels you need for a space can be tricky. Because different rooms have varying sizes, structures, and purposes, the correct number of panels will differ from room to room. So, before trying to calculate the number of products needed for space, think about the room you are working with and what its purpose is. Are the walls all the same size? How big is the room? What are you using the space for? Are you trying to reduce noise pollution in an office or improve the acoustics in a recording studio?

Room type helps determine how many panels you will need — if you are treating a standard conference with four even walls, for example, you likely will not need as many panels as a gym or home theater. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Cover 10%-15% of walls with panels: Light acoustic treatment can benefit living room spaces and conference rooms where you want to limit noise pollution.
  • Cover 15%-20% of walls with panels: This acoustic treatment often works for commercial spaces like churches, gymnasiums and offices where noise comes from multiple places.
  • Cover 25% or more of walls with panels: Home theaters, studios, performance spaces and other areas where sound quality is key may require special or high-intensity treatment.

You can also take a look at your room’s ceiling and determine whether hanging acoustic panels would be possible and effective. A professional can help you get to the bottom of that part, too!

hanging acoustic panels

2. Get an Estimate From a Professional

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to calculating sound panels for a room, so consulting a professional is your best bet. A professional can accurately determine the number of panels needed to effectively dampen the sound in your living room, office, studio, performance space or other area.

Factors to Consider When Calculating How Many Acoustic Panels to Use

You will need to consider factors like the use of your room, floor, and ceiling material, aesthetic preferences, and your budget to determine an ideal number of panels and ensure you receive optimal audio treatment.

Room Objective

When considering sound panels for a room, knowing the purpose of your space is vital. Rooms with sound-critical purposes, like home theaters and studios, can require more intense acoustic treatment to enhance the sound and listening experience. You might also need more panels and treatment for a home office to prevent harsh sounds and reverberation and enjoy better productivity. However, you may not need as much treatment in a small conference room in a semi-quiet office. Understanding your room design and what you will use it for can help you make the best decision.

Room Size

Smaller rooms typically have lower ceilings than large rooms, so they often require fewer panels and coverage. If treating a larger, more complex space or a room with high ceilings, you can expect to use more panels to enhance coverage and treatment.

Panel Type

Because various materials absorb and reflect sounds, you will need to consider the panel material type when covering walls or hanging panels from ceilings. Perforated wood panels are stylish and effective options that enhance your space’s audio and aesthetic quality. Fabric-wrapped panels are another option available in numerous designs, sizes and styles to fit your space. Acoustic foam panels work well in smaller spaces and alongside other panels but may be less effective at lower frequencies.


While sound panels play a significant role in controlling frequency, they can also impact your aesthetics. You can choose acoustic panels that blend into and complement your surroundings or stand out and offer a bold focal point. The fantastic thing is acoustic panels come in various styles and designs — you can select a product to meet your vision.

Panel Placement

Every room is unique, with varying ceilings, wall shapes and curves, and there are panels out there that will fit your space. Acoustic panels are versatile and can be placed on numerous surfaces or even suspended from your ceiling to create an effective solution. The choices are limitless when finding the best panels for your room!


Your budget is one of the most significant considerations. Acoustic panel costs vary depending on how many you need and the required acoustic treatments. Use your budget and other considerations to help you make the most cost-effective and valuable choice.

Get Expert Acoustic Panel Recommendations and Quotes From Soundproof Cow

Finding the right sound panels for your home is not complicated — at least, with Soundproof Cow on your side, it’s not. With our professional calculations and recommendations, you can get suitable panels for your home, office, or commercial space and enjoy exceptional acoustic quality.

Soundproof Cow specializes in solutions-based audio treatment to help accurately control acoustics. We offer durable and attractive acoustic panels that meet your needs and spatial requirements.

Our team provides unparalleled customer service and can analyze your space’s acoustic requirements. We’ll give you panel material recommendations and design ideas to help resolve acoustic issues. We’ll also help you calculate the right amount of panels for your space. Our solutions make acoustic and sound treatment a breeze.

Contact us with questions today or request a free acoustic analysis. Let us guide you to sound treatment solutions!

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