Impact of Humidity & Temperature in Room Acoustics

The Impact of Humidity and Temperature in Room Acoustics

Impact of Humidity & Temperature in Room Acoustics
September 21, 2018

Did you know humidity and temperature have an effect on the acoustics in a studio, auditorium or another room? In fact, humidity and room acoustics have a very important relationship, and the subject of humidity impact on temperature-related sound issues deserves a closer look.

What Is Humidity?

Before we look at the effect of humidity on the speed of sound and sound quality, it’s important to understand what humidity is. Humidity is the moisture retention in the air, or in other words, the amount of water present in the air. When you have high humidity, sound must travel through both the air and the water to reach its destination.

How Is Sound Affected by Humidity?

Sound travels more slowly through humid air than air that is not as humid for exactly the reason described above. The sound waves have two media to fight through, air and water. This may naturally create the assumption that hotter weather is a worse condition for achieving good sound quality — since warmer air can hold more moisture, resulting in the potential for higher humidity.

In fact, however, the opposite is true. Hotter air is less dense than cold air, so sound tends to travel better in hot weather, unless, of course, there is very high humidity.

How to Improve Room Acoustics Through Soundproofing

So, what does all this mean for your room acoustics? If you are not happy with the kind of sound you are getting in your recording studio or amphitheater, you may want to try controlling for temperature and humidity to see if it makes a difference.

Before you do that, however, it may be in your interest to consider your soundproofing. If acoustics are important to you, soundproofing is a must. High-quality soundproofing is one of the surest ways to get reliable sound quality in any room. For complete soundproofing, it’s important to use products that both dampen echoes and other harsh noises as well as block sound transfer. This will allow you to pick up sound clearly in the room while preventing interference from outside noises.

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