How to Improve Your Live Stream Audio

How to Improve Your Live Stream Audio
March 04, 2022

When you run audio for a live stream, getting the best sound quality makes a huge difference to your listeners. You want them to be able to hear every word clearly and enjoy their listening experience.

How to Get Good Sound Quality on a Live Stream

Use our tips for ways to live stream with good audio and improve your output and impress your listeners.

1. Reduce the Distance Between Mics and Mouths

The closer your speakers are to the mic, the better the sound quality. You will decrease the amount of distracting noise and random sounds, such as the shuffle of clothing. Try a head-worn mic, which puts the least amount of distance between your mouth and the mic. It will also help pick up consonant sounds.

2. Reduce the Reverb

Reverberations occur when sound bounces off the surfaces around you. The best solution is to decrease the amount of room the sound has to bounce, which means recording in a smaller space. Adding acoustic treatments to the walls can also reduce reverb.

3. Soundproof the Room

Soundproof the Room

Without soundproofing, you can record in the smallest room and still generate reverb. Soundproofing stops the sound from echoing, and you can get the materials you need from Soundproof Cow. Depending on your live stream, you may want to opt for commercial soundproofing options, which are your most powerful sound absorption choice.

If you want to get started fast, use blankets on the walls for a DIY option. You will hear the difference on the live stream, and it may inspire you to take that next step to get even better sound.

4. Invest in a Better Interface

Your interface connects the microphone to your laptop or computer and controls how powerful the sound is. Invest in a high-quality one to amp up the sound.

5. Pay Attention to the Quality of Your Gear

Low-quality gear will produce low-quality sound. Boost your live stream by prioritizing high-quality materials, such as excellent soundproofing and microphones.

6. Perform a Check Before Going Live

You can often catch problems before starting with a fast listen to your live stream. Test your audio and microphone placement before you begin streaming.

Get Soundproofing Solutions for Your Live Stream

Soundproof Cow offers soundproofing solutions you can use to improve your live streams. Browse our options and make your purchase today, or get in touch with any questions.