The World’s Loudest Animals

July 28, 2022

As humans, we all cherish a little peace and quiet, but rocking out at an earsplitting concert is one of life’s simple pleasures. Consequently, we’ve created numerous ways to push decibel (dB) levels to the max just for the thrill, like stereo systems, car engines and fireworks displays.

However, some creatures naturally surpass the noise levels we can reach. Let’s check out some of the loudest animals on Earth.

Tiger Pistol Shrimp

While the tiger pistol shrimp is small, the noise it produces is mighty. Other animals use sound for communication, but this minuscule shrimp uses sound as a weapon.

The tiger pistol shrimp draws its top claw back then releases it, causing the top claw to snap back to the bottom claw at 115 miles per. The collision creates a low-pressure air pocket in which a bubble forms. The high pressure outside the pocket causes the bubble to implode, creating a sound that tops 200 dB. The loud noise stuns and kills prey within a two-meter radius.

What’s more, the implosion produces heat that, for a split second, rivals the sun’s surface temperature at 7,232 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sperm Whale

The sperm whale is one of the largest mammals on Earth and the loudest animal in water. Sperm whales emit a click that reaches 233dB.

First, the sperm whale pulls air through its nostril. The nostril passes along an air-filled sack to the top of the head at a point near the blow hole known as the monkey lips. The monkey lips have flaps that shut when the air approaches, creating a click that reverberates inside the skull and through the air-filled sac until it projects outward at an amplified volume. Whales use this method to communicate from hundreds of miles apart.

Greater Bulldog Bat

The bulldog bat has quite the bark. These creatures can produce sounds that climb up to 140dB. Of course, much of that noise is ultrasonic, meaning it’s outside the threshold humans can perceive.

The sound’s primary function is for echolocation while hunting. The bat will emit noise to find groups of fish and determine where one recently jumped out of the water. It’s also a form of communication so nearby bats don’t collide while attempting to scoop the same prey.

Green Grocer Cicada

Male green grocer cicadas are the loudest insects on the planet. These critters fill the summer air with a chirping sound that exceeds 120dB and carries up to 1.5 miles. Green grocers have ribbed abdominal plates called tymbals that they rub together by contracting their nearby muscles. They rub together 300-400 timers per minute, causing quite the ruckus and attracting potential mates.


If you’re in lion territory for the night, you may wake up to the sound of a 110dB roar. A lion’s mighty roar scares away its scheming rivals in a show of territorial dominance. Plus, the sound carries a great distance, which is important for prides that cover up to 160 square miles.

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