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Echo Absorber™ Acoustic Cotton

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    Echo Absorber Acoustic Panel 2″ (Case of 8)

    Echo Absorber is a light weight, thermally bonded acoustical panel made from recycled cotton fibers, which offers excellent noise reduction qualities in low, middle and high

    Whether you own a music studio or like to play your music a little louder than most, you don’t want to worry about turning down your sound. There’s nothing better than enjoying a song at full volume, feeling the rhythm encase your whole room. Whether you’re playing back a recording you just produced or are merely enjoying the sounds of your new favorite album, you may find that your neighbors . . .


Product Features and Benefits

One of our most cost-effective sound insulation materials, Echo Absorber™ panels and baffles effectively dampen low, middle and high frequency sounds as well as — or better than — other higher priced man-made materials. Cotton sound insulation is light weight and offers superior acoustic properties, particularly in areas where loud echoing is common.

Acoustic cotton is an excellent choice if you are looking for a building code-friendly acoustic soundproofing material that can be installed permanently or temporarily in a variety of oddly shaped spaces. Our product is made of flexible natural fibers that are fungi-, mold-, and mildew-resistant as well as Class A™ flame-resistant, ensuring they will meet even the strictest building code requirements while delivering long-term performance and durability.

Echo Absorber™ acoustic cotton panels are an environmentally friendly choice, too. Our product is made from a minimum of 80% recycled materials, cutting down on waste. As well, it’s completely VOC-free and contains no fiberglass, formaldehyde or other potentially harmfully substances. This makes it a great choice not only for industrial applications but also for environments such as office buildings, classrooms and other spaces where long periods of exposure are common.

Benefits of Echo Absorber Acoustic Cotton


Echo Absorber™ cotton acoustic paneling is perfect for call centers, offices, conference rooms, gymnasiums, theaters, studios, computer rooms and auditoriums, as well as manufacturing, industrial and warehouse facilities. Its high density means it excels at stopping ambient echoes and reverberation, though it can also be installed inside wall paneling to prevent sound transfer.

For heavy-duty applications where maximum sound deadening is required, our 2” thick panels deliver an average noise reduction coefficient of 1.00. A 1” thick version is also available for less-demanding applications. Visit individual product pages to view detailed specifications.

Echo Absorber™ cotton paneling is easy to cut to size and install in any application, making it a great choice for both DIY and professional projects. Be sure to purchase a tube of our PL® premium construction adhesive when you place your order!

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