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Edge Padding

  • RSZ Sharp Edge BUY NOW

    Sharp Edge Padding

    Our Sharp Edge Padding is ideal for any sharp edge that might be hazardous.

    Sharp Edge Padding Sharp edges can be extremely dangerous. In your home, children can easily walk into the sharp edge of a piece of furniture and cut themselves very badly. Careless adults can find themselves in the same situation. At the office, if an employee or a client cuts themselves on a sharp edge, you could find yourself with some extremely damaging exposure. Protect your family from harm and your . . .

  • Basic Edge Padding BUY NOW

    Basic Edge Padding

    Pad everything from railings to blackboards with our Basic Edge Padding.

    Basic Edge Padding Our basic edge padding is most commonly used in municipal locations where hard or sharp edges could put the public at risk. They’re very popular for use in covering and softening railings in and around municipal buildings or covering the edges of whiteboards or blackboard in school environments. These are locations where you often have large groups of people possibly moving at high speed without the greatest . . .

  • 45 degree BUY NOW

    45 Degree Edge Padding

    Use our 45 Degree Edge Padding to protect angled surfaces.

    Use our 45 Degree Edge Padding to protect angled surfaces.

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