Class A™ Pyramid Acoustic Foam

Stop your fears surrounding hazardous material and invest in our line of Class A™ fire-rated pyramid foam instead. Whether written in red ink across the top of your lengthy essay or in the class rating of your acoustic foam, it’s always assuring to see a big letter ‘A’. Class A fire rated material — also known as Class 1 — signifies a material constructed with the maximum level of fire protection possible.

Soundproofing material shouldn’t just work to keep noise out. Stop flames in their tracks with a material you can rely on to provide you the extra level of security you need.

What Is Fire-Rated Pyramid Acoustic Foam?

Our Class A Pyramid foam works to improve sound quality in both the home and professional sphere. Made from fire-resistant acoustic foam, fire-rated pyramid foam is built to perform and withstand performance even in higher temperature environments.

Pyramid acoustic foam is a staple product of any soundproofing studio. Due to its superb acoustic details and affordable price, anyone desiring a soundproof room will want to start by purchasing our fire rated pyramid acoustic foam.

If warding off unwanted reverberation and noise is your priority, then our Class A™ pyramid foam is your solution. Not only it is versatile enough to make it well-adjusted for a variety of purposes, but it’s also affordable.

Features and Benefits

What makes our fire-rated pyramid foam so special? It all starts with the material’s strong and useful composition. Our Class A Pyramid foam is built to resist both fires and rips or tears. You won’t have to worry about performance, either. Designed with high quality melamine foam, our Class A Pyramid foam is designed with just enough density and firmness made to achieve maximum noise control.

We want our soundproofing products to suit you — that’s why we offer modular Udderly Quiet™ products so you can mix your order by size and color to choose material designed especially for you. Whether you pick smaller dimensions or our bright white or light gray, your end result is guaranteed to be flawless.

Model Uses

Class A Pyramid foam is ideal for use in any area desiring improved sound quality and guaranteed protection. Its affordable price makes it available to both professional directors and home owners looking to build their soundproof studio without breaking their budget. The details and benefits of our fire-rated pyramid foam also makes it ideal for use in auditoriums, gymnasiums, studios, large facilities and more.

Whether you want a variety of dimensions a mixture of colors, you can place your order with the confidence of quality assurance today. Speak to a representative or e-mail us for addition assistance — we’d be happy to help.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your rapid response and helpfulness. I very much appreciated it. You have been responsive in every way all through the process. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

- T. Alexander

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