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Acoustic Glass Mineral Wool 1″

If you’re looking for a fiberglass panel with great soundproofing properties for your office, factory or home, try glass mineral wool from Soundproof Cow. Each glass mineral wool 1” panel has consistent thickness for uniform sound absorption. Glass mineral wool has some of the best properties when it comes to soundproofing materials, absorbing echoes and other low-frequency and vibratory sounds while also blocking unwanted airborne sounds from coming in or out of a given location.

This is an incredibly versatile soundproofing product whose uses are limited only by your imagination. Install it in ceilings to prevent having to listen to your active neighbors dancing all night, or hang individual panels from the top of the school cafeteria for unobtrusive absorption of the competing chattering noises of students.

Use them to line the walls of your office conference room to allow clearer, more private communication among coworkers. You can even install them inside noisy air conditioners or dishwashers to prevent rattling appliance sounds from driving you crazy. We can custom make your panels to order so that they fit your specific needs.

As an added bonus to great soundproofing, our 1” acoustic glass mineral wool also has some insulating properties, so you may experience lower heating and cooling costs in rooms where you have it installed. We understand the commitment of many homes and businesses today to a greener environment, so we always strive to use safer materials with fewer emissions than the acceptable standard.

We’d love to help you figure out if our acoustic glass mineral wool 1” product is right for you and your home, industrial facility, municipal facility, school or business. Call us today at 866-949-9269 if you have any questions about acoustic glass mineral wool or feel ready to place an order.


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Also available in Acoustic Glass Mineral Wool 2″

Often times we get requests for acoustic panels with some different cut outs in the panel. We came to the realization that we could make those cuts in house, all we would need is the fiberglass board to do it. Found Soundproof Cow, who we’ve gotten some really good premade panels from in the past, and they were able to supply us with the Fiberglass board. We are now ordering a minimum of once a month because of how much we’re able to do. If we ever need standard size panels, we get them from the Cow, if we need to make ourselves, we still go to the Cow. You guys are great.
Lawrence Timbrell

"The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend Soundproofcow.com to anyone!" S. CIMINO, LA