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Pourable Liquid Urethane Foam 4lb.

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You’ve done everything you possibly can to make your child’s nursery, your office conference room or your home podcasting studio as insulated from outside sound as it can possibly be. Or have you? If you’ve covered the walls, floor and ceiling with quality soundproofing and you’re still getting significant unwanted noise from outside, you might be missing something.

That something is those little holes and gaps in walls and around windows and doorways that are inevitable in virtually any space. Those holes may not be particularly noticeable to the naked eye on a day-to-day basis, but if they’re large enough to allow air in, they’re large enough to allow sound waves in.

So if you can’t cover them up with a soundproofing panel or jam acoustic foam into them, what can you do? You can order a bottle of liquid urethane foam from Soundproof Cow. This miraculous substance will solve your gap problems in a heartbeat. All you need to do is pour it in wherever you find a gap. It will naturally expand to fill whatever void it enters, which will seal off unsightly holes, add buoyancy and even improve your insulation. Most importantly, of course, it will block sound from seeping through from the outside world.

After the foam fully cures, you’ll have a sealed hole that’s water- and heat-resistant. You can cover it with polyester, resin or epoxy or just paint right over it. The holes will be gone, and so will the unwanted sound.

Our 4 lb. bottle of portable liquid urethane foam contains 2 cubic feet of 2 lb. foam. This amount should be sufficient for plugging up most of the holes in your bedroom, small recording studio or other small area. For jobs that are larger or involve multiple rooms, you may wish to purchase our 80 lb. jug of 2-part liquid expanding polyurethane foam. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that when it’s properly applied to all sound-admitting holes, you’ll enjoy significantly improved acoustics.

Also known as two-part urethane foam, this foam expands to fill any void. This two-part expanding urethane foam is a closed-cell, pourable foam. When fully cured, it resists the absorption of water and can be laminated over with any type of polyester, epoxy, or vinyl ester resin without melting. This product can be poured in multiple coats.


Yield: 2 cu./ft. of 2 lb. density foam
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