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Pourable Liquid Urethane Foam 80lb.

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Have you been in a situation in which your soundproofing didn’t go far enough? You’ve put up soundproofing in every room — on the walls, the ceiling and the floor — but somehow that harsh, unwanted sound is still getting in?

If this experience is the one you’re having, you’re not alone. The fact is that if any cracks, holes or gaps lead from the inside of your home or the room you’re trying to soundproof to the outside world, sound can travel in. If air can get in, sound waves can get in too. So what can you do? It’s not feasible to try to cover up every gap with ordinary soundproofing or jam regular foam into open spaces, but there’s a solution.

This is where our 2-part liquid expanding urethane foam comes to the rescue. It’s quite simple to plug all gaps in soundproofing with this miraculous, pourable urethane foam. All you need to do is pour it into any gap, and it will immediately expand to fill the space, adding buoyancy, increasing thermal insulation and, most importantly, blocking the void so that air and sound can’t sneak through.

Once the product dries and cures, you can paint right over it or cover it with epoxy, resin or polyester. It’s fully water-resistant and will not melt. As a result, no one will know that you had an unwanted gap. Our urethane foam is exactly what you need to close unsightly holes and enjoy the best sound quality you’ve ever had in your home or other space requiring sound control.

Our 80 lb. jug of pourable liquid urethane foam yields 40 cubic feet of 2 lb. foam, which should be plenty to cover all your sound-admitting gaps. Whether you already have soundproofing or not, you should expect to notice a dramatic change in your room’s acoustics once you’ve found and filled all problematic holes with this product.

Also known as two-part urethane foam, this foam expands to fill any void. This two-part expanding urethane foam is a closed-cell, pourable foam. When fully cured, it resists the absorption of water and can be laminated over with any type of polyester, epoxy, or vinyl ester resin without melting. This product can be poured in multiple coats.


Yield: 40 cu./ft. of 2 lb. density foam
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