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Art Acoustic Panels

Stop the echo, quiet your space, and turn your ceiling into a work of art with a custom-covered hanging ceiling baffle.
Made of resin hardened acoustic fiberglass, and available to be covered in one of 1,000-plus acoustic fabric options or a personalized fabric you supply, Soft Sound® 200-series ceiling baffles are an excellent ceiling soundproofing insulation solution for people with little wall space and even less patience for ugly soundproofing materials.
If you’re less concerned about fabric color and more concerned about the strict exposed material code requirements of your industrial space, Soundproof Cow also carries monotone Echo Absorber™ and Soft Sound® Class A™ flame-retardant baffles for code-conscious ceiling soundproofing materials.

All Soundproof Cow’s hanging baffles have excellent noise absorption qualities, are moderately lightweight and can be easily installed with light- or medium-duty chains and S-hooks.

Acoustic Hanging Baffles are perfect for:

  • Ceiling baffles, noise reduction, echo absorbing, sound absorption
  • Warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • Gymnasiums, auditoriums, call centers, offices, computer rooms
  • Entertainment facilities, gun ranges, studios, band rooms
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