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Impact Barrier Flooring Underlayment LD

Impact Barrier Flooring Underlayment LD
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Dimensions4 ft. x 8 ft.
Thickness5/16 in.
Weight42 lbs.
Coverage32 sqft.
Quantity1 sheet
ColorMotted Gray
STC Rating48
AvailabilityUsually ships in 1-3 business days
Technical DataProduct Data Sheet
InstallationStep-by-Step Instructions
Price: $120.55
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Impact Barrier® Flooring Underlayments are ideal for use in the construction, automotive and marine industries to reduce noise from both impact and airborne transmission. Engineered from an extremely durable, yet soft, recycled cotton pad and a heavy barrier material, each sheet is individually hand inspected to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained. Even the adhesive used to bond these products has acoustic qualities due to its permanent elastic nature. This product outperfoms all other foam, fiber or fiber board products available on the market, and provides thermal insulation, to reduce cold floors and decrease energy loss.

Product Availability

Impact Barrier® LD - Motted Gray (5/16 in. thick x 48 in. x 96 in. sheet)
Impact Barrier® HD - Motted Gray (1/2 in. thick x 48 in. x 96 in. sheet)

Features / Benefits

Dual Soundproofing Function — Impact Barrier® Flooring Underlayments significantly reduce noise from impact, such as foot fall, and reduce airborne sound transmission, such as noise from voices, TV’s and stereos. Impact Barrier® has an Impact Insulation Class (IIC) rating up to 78 and a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating up to 50.

Extends Life of Flooring Material — Under normal conditions, Impact Barrier® products dramatically extend the life of the finished flooring material. The materials used to create this product are tough and long lasting.

Not Just for Carpeted Floors — Impact Barrier® products have applications in the automotive and marine industries as well as in standard construction. When used as floor pan and trunk liners, Impact Barrier® reduces a tremendous amount of road noise, improves the sound quality of audio systems, by reducing cabin reverberation (echo) and adds a plush, luxurious feel to the vehicle’s carpeted interior that cheap, stock liners can’t provide. Impact Barrier® is also safe to use in marine applications, to help soundproof boat cabins and hulls.

Ease of Installation — Impact Barrier® Flooring Underlayments are available in a convenient 48 inch by 96 inch sheet (32 sq ft) and are placed in a “Running Bond” pattern on the sub-floor. A professional quality Duct Tape should be used over the seams where the sheets meet. Impact Barrier® products cut easily with a sharp utility knife.

Protect Your Investment — Carpet floor coverings are an expensive investment and Impact Barrier® Underlayments are the perfect product to protect that investment. Cheap fiber and foam products are not as durable and will not last, which means the carpet fibers will become damaged, loosing their plush feel and appearing worn. Impact Barrier® will, in most circumstances, lengthen the life of your carpeted floor in both appearance and comfort. Impact Barrier® has a soundproofing barrier layer that not only blocks sound, but it also blocks moisture vapor, helping protect your floor from moisture damage. Impact Barrier® products are a superior underlayment!

Comfort Factor — Impact Barrier® Flooring Underlayment products make any carpet “feel” plusher and luxurious. Foams and cheap fiber pads break down and lose the comfort factor within a few years after installation, depending on the amount of traffic. Impact Barrier® will keep your carpeted floor plush and comfortable for many years.

Built in Pet Odor Protection — Impact Barrier® products have a built in barrier layer that is not only soundproof, but waterproof. The barrier layer will stop moisture from seeping though to the sub-floor. When moisture soaks into the sub-floor, odors are created and become next to impossible to eliminate without ripping up the floor covering and replacing the damaged floor section.

In-stock — We manufacture and stock a large quantity of Impact Barrier® Flooring Underlayments. Most orders are shipped the same day and arrive at your home or project in three business days, depending on your location and size of order.

Made in the USA Made of 60% Recycled Materials


Great for the Construction Industry:

  • Carpeted Floors

Great for the Automotive Industry:

  • Trunk Liners in Automobiles
  • Floor Pan Liners in Automobiles

Great for the Marine Industry:

  • Cabin Carpet Underlayment
  • Cabin Wall Liner
  • Hull Liners

Which Impact Barrier® soundproofing product is right for me?

Impact Barrier® is a two layer composite of durable, yet soft recycled cotton pad and a heavy barrier membrane and is available in two different configurations. Impact Barrier® HD is a three layer composite with the barrier membrane sandwiched between two cotton pads.

Selecting the correct Impact Barrier® product is based on the volume of noise you are trying to prevent from entering or leaving the space. Impact Barrier® products perform well when trying to deter common noises, such as voices, TV’s and stereos. If noise levels are higher then usual, typically from loud stereo systems, home theater or recording studio environments, then it may be necessary to use other products used in conjunction with Impact Barrier®. Please call our Acoustic Consultants if you feel your project may need additional soundproofing products.

In general, average noise problems, at average decibel levels needing good sound protection can be eliminated by Impact Barrier® LD. For greater than average noise levels, and the best sound protection available we recommend Impact Barrier® HD.

Acoustic Data

Product Description STC* IIC*
Impact Barrier® LD Carpet over Impact Barrier® LD on a 6 inch concrete slab 48 73

* STC = Sound Transmission Class * IIC = Impact Insulation Class

Quiet Barrier­ MD Soundproofing Material (Sheet)
Quiet Barrier LD Soundproofing Composite
Quiet Barrier­ MD Soundproofing Material (Roll)
Quiet Barrier­ MD Soundproofing Material (Sheet) Quiet Barrier LD Soundproofing Composite Quiet Barrier­ MD Soundproofing Material (Roll)
isoTRAX Soundproofing System
RoadBlockR Sound Deadening Material
OSI Pro-Series SC-175 Acoustical Sound Sealant (Tube)
isoTRAX Soundproofing System RoadBlockR Sound Deadening Material OSI Pro-Series SC-175 Acoustical Sound Sealant (Tube)

Installation Details

Tools Needed: Utility Knife, Straight Edge, Tape Measure

Materials Needed: Duct Tape for the seams

Installation PDF

Impact Barrier Install

Product rating

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: R. Petrius, NJ
    I was a little bit surprised to see how much the LD Impact was, my first thought was I needed to start looking elsewhere but I called in to see. When I spoke with the person they explained what it does and also how it would take the place of a carpet pad. I was going to be spending money on an “upgraded” carpet pad anyway so I decided to go with this. It was a little bit more than I wanted to pay still but it works really well, so I paid good money for a good product.
  • Author: K. Dillard, KY
    My buddy told me about this Impact Barrier LD about a year ago and I made it a point to keep the information. One of my rental properties was in need of some underlayment so I finally called in about it. Talked with a Jim, he was really helpful, told me how the material works, and sent me samples and all the product data I needed. Besides from how well the product was working, the best thing about this product is how much Jim stood behind it. I can tell you as a buyer that that made my decision easy. There were more expensive solutions I was looking at, but he told me this was what I needed to get rid of the issue, and he was right. Next time I need something in the way of soundproofing I will be coming right back to the Cow to order with Jim.
  • Author: ElvisJanoski
    Impact Barrier LD was easy to install, got done quickly, and has helped a great deal. I would order it again in a heartbeat if it was needed.
  • Author: G. Hample, NY
    Just installed my Impact Barrier LD, it did exactly what I was told it would do. I am happy it worked as well as it did, it was more than I wanted to spend, but it worked really well
  • Author: Harold
    I was honestly surprised at how much of an improvement it really did. I'm used to people telling me this stuff is great, you'll really see the difference, trying to sell me the product. But this was one of those rare occasions where it really is as good as you say it is. I appreciate all the help, I will definitely be ordering from the Cow again.

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