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How to Soundproof Vinyl Flooring

How to Soundproof Vinyl Floors

There are many reasons why you may want to know how to soundproof vinyl flooring. Perhaps you are being disturbed by sounds coming from the floor below, or you don’t want to disturb others below when walking across the floors. Maybe you do not want to put down carpeting, but you don’t like the sound of impacts against your floor, either.

Ways to Soundproof Vinyl Flooring

But is it really possible for you to soundproof vinyl flooring? It certainly is, with the right preparation. What you will want to do is put down a soundproofing underlayment before you put the vinyl down. Apply the acoustic underlayment to the subfloor, then apply the vinyl flooring above it. If the vinyl is already down, your choice will be to pull it up to apply the vinyl flooring underlay or simply to put carpeting down over it.

Tips for Soundproofing Vinyl Flooring

When you’re ready to soundproof your floor, preferably before you lay down your vinyl, make sure you have plenty of Impact Barrier QT Flooring Underlayment from Soundproof Cow on hand. This affordable, highly-effective recycled rubber sound barrier fits in seamlessly with almost any floor material and provides better soundproofing than many other popular soundproofing options. It is safe to handle, easy to install and can have you enjoying great floor noise control right away.

This product comes in three different thicknesses for different soundproofing needs (Low Duty, Medium Duty or Heavy Duty) and can even be made waterproof. It comes with a lifetime warranty and can create a massive difference in the sound quality of your studio, conference room or anyplace else that requires quality soundproofing.

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Benefits of Soundproofing Vinyl Flooring

The obvious benefit of soundproofing a vinyl floor with a quality underlayment is that you can enjoy many of the impact soundproofing benefits of a carpeted floor without having to actually lay down carpet, and you will be able to effectively block airborne noise as well. In addition, your vinyl floor may last longer and look better with a quality underlayment underneath.

Contact Soundproof Cow for Vinyl Floor Soundproofing and Other Soundproofing Assistance

Soundproof Cow can easily help you soundproof your floor, but there’s a lot more to great noise control than just floor soundproofing. There’s the ceiling, the walls and possibly even pipes or door and window areas for you to consider, too.

That’s why we have a complete range of soundproofing products for your home, studio or office, along with experts who can teach you exactly how to use them. If you have any questions about how to install any of our products, the environmental advantages of using these products, or which products will work best for your application, please contact us today or anytime.

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