How to Soundproof Carpeted Floors

How to Soundproof Carpeted Floors
February 15, 2019

You have a home with a carpeted floor, and now you’re wondering about soundproofing — but do you really need soundproofing if you have a carpet? After all, isn’t one of the main functions of carpet to cushion impacts and reduce noise? Carpeting certainly does have these properties, but it may not be enough. Here are some reasons you may want to consider further soundproofing your carpet.

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Reasons for Soundproofing Carpet

The issue with carpet is that while it can be great at reducing impact noise, such as footsteps, the sound of something dropping on the floor or the sound of furniture being dragged around, it is not nearly as effective at dealing with airborne noise. Thus, if you are dealing with a noisy neighbor underneath you, your carpeting may do a fine job of keeping their home undisturbed by the sounds of you walking around, but it may do nothing for the sound of their music or conversation coming up from below.

This problem can be even greater if you are dealing with a room that is above a restaurant, retail store, bar or other location where loud sounds are likely to be frequent. It is clear that complete soundproofing often requires something more than what carpeting alone provides.

Reasons to Soundproof Carpet Floors

Benefits of Soundproofing Carpet Floors

You will enjoy numerous benefits from applying quality soundproofing to your carpeted floor. The most obvious, of course, is the blocking of unwanted sound, particularly airborne noise. However, soundproofing your carpet can also make it last longer, look better, add more insulation and even make your carpet more comfortable as you will have a thicker, more resilient surface underneath you.

How to Soundproof Carpet Flooring

Most experts will recommend you invest in a carpet underlay to maximize your carpet’s soundproofing capabilities. This is simply an extra layer of material that goes between your carpet and the floor, and it is made of material that is known to be successful at blocking airborne sounds.

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Soundproof Your Carpet With Quality Products From Soundproof Cow

A great product to serve as your carpet underlay is Impact Barrier QT Flooring Underlayment from Soundproof Cow. This flooring underlayment is made of 92 percent recycled material and easily slides underneath your carpeted floor or virtually any floor to give you a higher level of sound protection. It’s the perfect way to complete soundproofing in your apartment, a recording studio or even your home.

If you’d like to order Impact Barrier QT Flooring Underlayment for your carpeted floor or you’d like to learn more about how soundproof underlayment for carpet works, how you install it or what other soundproofing products can go with it to provide you with comprehensive room soundproofing, contact us at Soundproof Cow today.